Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

I just finished my blog about fall (you can read it here) and all the warm fuzzy feelings it gives me, and Sunday was just a perfect example of that! 
We started our morning off by opening the back door to a perfectly crisp 65 degrees. Hello fall, we've missed you. My husband even said "it's the perfect day for a pumpkin patch!", so off we went with our little pumpkin. I had to. 
We went to a local church that holds a fall event every year; pumpkin patch, hayride, corn maze, pumpkin launcher, and of course photo ops for blogging mamas like myself. We first discovered it last year; our daughter's first fall. We got some adorable pictures then, but she wasn't able to participate as much at nine months old. Well, this time we let her run free (holding her daddy's hand or me a foot behind her). She had no interest in anything else other than sitting on the pumpkins, running through their aisles and blowing kisses to and petting the punkins, picking up (and us obviously buying) the tiniest cutest star shaped one, and waving byebye as we left. I truly believe they were her friends; a bunch of orange big bellied friends that she made on a perfect fall day. 
We'll be going back soon to load up our wagon with many to carve and craft closer to Halloween. We'll make a night of it while watching Hocus Pocus, of course! These are the memories we cherish  forever; these precious moments the holidays bring to mesmorize and bring joy to our child! 
The second half of the day was filled with watching football with our friends, who Brooklynn loves to entertain. I'm a born and raised San Diego girl transplanted to Dallas, and married to a huge Cowboys fan, so for both our teams to have won made for a very cheerful house. Okay, so maybe I was the only excited one about my Chargers... BOLT UP!  Nonetheless, winnings were had all around. We ended the afternoon with a mama and mini trip to the park, but I'll keep that for my next post...

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