Monday, October 13, 2014


There's something about that first morning of Autumn; just a few days ago was a blazing hot summer, but today is cool, it's crisp, it's fall. And that, is a beautiful thing.
I'd definitely say I've always loved the season of fall. I grew up in San Diego, so I was actually a beach girl, and thrived in the summer as a kid. But now, as an adult, and especially as a mama; I live for fall. There's just something about it, a vibe the earth creates to let you know a new season has begun. 
The leaves begin to change to beautiful shades of rust, gold, brown, and fading greens. They also rustle in the cool breezes as they fall to the ground, providing a confetti from nature if you will. They also become a smile on my daughter's face, as she stomps with all her might to get that satisfying crunch sound as we walk through the neighborhood.
I find comfort in fall; there's a cozy and heartwarming feeling that it brings. Maybe it's the chunky sweaters and soft scarves that make their way back in to my wardrobe, perhaps it's the switch of my lattes going from iced to hot, or even the tingling smell of cinnamon everywhere that just makes the world seem more whole.
As a kid, back to school was always exciting until the homework, of course. Though my daughter isn't old enough yet, seeing other's youngins on their first day back makes me smile. It's a new year, where our youth will be filled with knowledge, lessons, and friendships. That to me, is so sweet. I can't wait to be picking out backpacks and new shoes with Brooklynn; to helping her practice her spelling lists and coloring maps. The calendar year starts in January, but a new year of learning and growth begins in the fall.
Football kicks it off; no punted pun intended. I can't help myself, sorry. The way the whole country is involved in the same thing at the same time; it's patriotic to me. Obviously there are many opposing fans, but we're all still watching the same games and sharing in the excitement of it all. We all enjoy rooting for the team we're passionate about and the bonding we have with friends during the game. The homemade chili, soups, and dishes that hubby makes for game day make it all the better. Basketball, which happens to be my favorite, chimes in soon after football begins. I married into a basketball breed of family, so this time of year is always exciting, as we cheer on every Legends game from the courtside and show our bluest Mavericks pride!
I mentioned before how much I enjoy this time of year, especially as a mama. Our daughter will be two in January and she's at the perfect toddler age to create fun fall crafts and get a kick out of the Halloween decorations as they come out. I started making her festive foods last year; like oranges with jack-o-lantern faces or googly (kiwi) eyed smoothies. I can't wait to make even more this year, because I know she'll enjoy it even more and understand what Mama's doing. Pumpkin patches, hay rides, and corn mazes are in order too. Naturally, to be followed up with carving and decorating our pumpkins while watching Hocus Pocus. I'm not sure if she'll sit and enjoy it or just run amokamokamok during it, but I've got to introduce her to the Sanderson sisters early on. Duh.
We have our Halloween costumes planned as a family of three, and though it's a surprise, I'll hint that we match and it's Disney.(; We're stoked to take her trick or treating, now that she can walk and even say "thank you". In case you read my posts about raising her healthy; NO, she will not get to eat anything she collects... unless of course people want to start handing out Lara Bars and apples? We will have mama approved "nacks" on hand to trade out in her bucket for her to nibble like the big kids. 
After the BOOOOS! comes the gobble gobbles. Yet another warm and cozy day, filled with family, food, football, and fun. A day that we reflect on how beautiful life is, and show our gratitude in a celebration that is the falliest (that's now a word) of them all. For this day, I am thankful. For fall, I am grateful. For every day of this wonderful life, I am truly blessed. 
Now that Brooklynn is to an age where she truly enjoys all the festivities and is making millions of memories, we want to make every moment count. New traditions will be made, festive fun will be had, scrumptious food will be eaten, and love and laughter will be shared with family. And I'll be soaking up every falling leaf of it.

I hope your fall, like ours, is all that pumpkin spice dreams are made of.

moccasins: Freshly Picked & "Ello Love" onesie c/o: kateandjames

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