Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nineteen Months!

It seriously feels like I wrote her eighteen month post a few days ago, probably because I postponed admitting I had a one and a half year old and did post it late. TIME KEEPS FLYING, but we're cherishing every single moment over here.
I don't think she's grown too much since last month's post, except her hair. It's growing in so beautifully blonde and soft.

Favorite & Least Favorite Foods:
Still rocking the healthiest diet ever, and this month she tried sushi for the first time; ikura salmon roe, Hamachi baby yellowtail, and live scallops. Chopsticks and all. Sushi is our favorite, and her Daddy may have teared up a little with how proud he was.
What's Brooklynn up to:
Oh wow, what isn't Brooklynn up to? You are learning so many new things daily, we're truly astonished. You know your head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tongue, teeth, cheek, hands, feet, and belly. You can point to all of them and can say "eyes", "ezzzz" (ears), "nuzzz" (nose). We've started counting your toes ever since you saw cute baby online do it. You really like to learn and separate colors and shapes too. You say "nack" for snack or any meal, "back" for putting something back where you found it (woohoo), ""cozeeee" for clothes as you unfold everything and throw it on ground help me with laundry, and your favorite "chezzzz" for cheers, as your clink your drink into ours. You know duck and say it clear as day, and "baeee" for bears. You've perfected your meows, woofs, growls, and mooooos. You like to bring me books and say "book" clear as day for story time in my lap, it's still your favorite past time and mine too. You've learned to walk to your changing table and point while tugging your diaper when you want to be changed; potty training here we come! You've also learned how to climb onto the couch, and I've seen you attempt other objects... greaaaaat! You're obsessed with Disney movies, but so am I, so it doesn't bother me that I have them all re-memorized. You're really into puzzles right now too, however, you get frustrated when you can't make things fit... you probably have Mama's perfectionist gene. You also get creeped out by a piece of lint stuck to something, or when you have food or something stuck to you, but then you hate being wiped clean. You do love bathtime though and would stay in there until you literally became a raisin if I let you. And swimming, you're just the perfect little mermaid baby I envisioned you to be. You love it just as much as I do. You're the best helper, especially with the dog "kooookoooo" (Chloe). You scoop her food out of the bag and into her bowl... you get mad when I tell you "no more" after you attempt a third scoop. You also hold her leash from your stroller when we go on walks, it's super sweet. You love to give hugs and kisses to all animals, and do so when we say "do you love the puppy? (or whatever it is)". You're the biggest love bug; you love to throw your arms around our neck and give us big smooches, it's our favorite thing ever! We're working on saying "I love you", right now you say "ruhhrooo" "ruhrrooo" and the give us cuddles.

Our little angel, you truly are perfect. Mama and Daddy (and everyone, really) are in such awe of you. You never seize to amaze us with your brilliance, hilarity, and sweetness. We love teaching you everything we can, as you soak it up into your baby genius noggin. We soak up every bit of cuddles you give us, because it's the best feeling in the world. We are so utterly and completely in love with you Brookie Bear!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


This post will be controversial, you may not agree with me, but I request you keep your comments tactful, as insulting someone's mothering is crossing the line.
Why is something so natural considered "taboo"?

I made the personal choice while pregnant (actually I've always thought I would) to exclusively breastfeed our daughter Brooklynn from the start. Travis completely agreed. After research, recommendation, and most importantly the strong natural desire to; it was a no-brainer. I do not write this post with any intention to offend those who don't breastfeed, especially because I know some women truly aren't capable, and for that I'm sorry. This post is more so about nursing in public, and why it isn't more commonplace.

I was recently discussing the topic with a friend, while we were both nursing our babies in public, obviously. She's from Texas, but has lived in several European countries over the past few years. She mentioned that when she's there, she's able to nurse her babies in the middle of anywhere public, with no hesitation, as no one around even bats an eye. For some reason, people over there understand the incredible beauty that is breastfeeding and we over here in good ol 'Merica, just don't seem to get it.

I've been thinking about when to post this blog for a while, and after the incident at George W Bush Presidential Library, I was outraged and needed to speak up.

I challenge all of you to ask yourselves, would you like to eat your meals in a bathroom stall? What about a hot car, that only cools down by the time you're finished, in the cruel Texas summer heat or freezing cold in the winter? Would you like to feel suffocated and hot with a blanket over your face while trying to enjoy your dinner? Didn't think so! So then why the heck are we subjecting our sweet babies to these fine dining experiences? They, of all of us, deserve the highest end cuisine and locale.

When my daughter was first born, until well quite honestly she was almost a year, I would go hide somewhere to nurse her. Which actually shames me to admit, I wasn't doing anything wrong, in fact I was doing something amazing. I was and still am certainly proud of the fact that I exclusively breastfed and continue to with combination of real healthy foods for my daughter. So why was I rushing us off to a cramped bathroom stall (which, for the record, feels gross even in the ritziest places.) to nourish and comfort my child? It's ridiculous really, and I'm saddened I didn't come to this epiphany sooner. Well, for the past seven months I have chosen to breastfeed, publicly and I don't even blush about it. And I thank celebrities with the same beliefs that have bigger voices due to their fame, that can spread the same support like one of my favorites Olivia Wilde in the newest edition of Glamour.

What I hope to get across with this post, is that breastfeeding in public should not be glared at or looked down upon. Women shouldn't feel embarrassed or obligated to "hide" to take care of their baby. They should be able to sit in the comfort of where they are, and without hesitation nurse. There is no reason for people to look at it negatively. Sure you may see breasts, big deal. I guarantee the men that gawk (which by the way, don't be that guy) have all seen plenty, women have their own, and children are na├»ve enough and should be raised to know it's an okay thing. No one should be offended; it's not an illicit act, it's a natural and beautiful one.  So, let's not only stop with the awkward glares or sometimes worse snide comments. Instead, let's encourage mommies to continue nourishing and nurturing their children the best way possible, wherever they please, and do so happily.

and sometimes babies are hungry on nine hour roadtrips, you do what you have to when you can't pull over...

Boobies for the win!