Tuesday, November 11, 2014

birthday celebrations

I'll start by saying I'm a lucky girl, to be celebrated all week long by so many loved ones for my birthday! My actual birthday is on the 5th (last Wednesday). My day started off with Starbucks and one of my favorite dark chocolates; always the best way to kick off a celebratory morning. 
When hubby got home from work he came baring these Tory Burch beauties. He really knows how to make me feel like a princess... Or is it Queen now that we're married? 
Not only did we have a wonderful birthday dinner together, but it was a date night too, since our dear friends babysat Brookie for us. Double win! While I do love dining with B, sometimes by worrying about bibs and food in my hair is a bit more peaceful. haha. We went to (my new favorite) FT33 in the Design District of Dallas and enjoyed the magic that is Chef Matt McCallister's work. 

We started off with three amazing appetizers...

Elk Nduja-Chocolate Tortellini with rosemary roasted cacao nib and collard stem sofrito. 
Sprouted grains with olives, goat manchego, crispy chicken skin and raw kale juice. I know it looks trippy, but it's fantastic!
Red snapper, picked watermelon rind, flowers, and puffed sorghum. I mean how pretty is that?!
Then came time for entrees; I picked the Ricotta Gnocchi with butternut squash purée, hazelnut, Swiss chard, bacon, and parmesan. Oh. My. Delicious. Hubs got "Pork & Beans" which was the most glorified version of the words; the thickest cut of perfect bacon, pork belly, sausage, collards, and heirloom beans. 
And of course we went out with a bang! These chocolate peanut tarts with coconut and banana paired with curry ice cream. Yes, curry ice cream is a thing and it's pretty darn rad. 
If you live in or visit Dallas you MUST put it on your to-dine list! 
The week of joy continued with a Mediterranean lunch date with my best friend, always a special treat to have some girl time. Followed by a birthday dinner with my mama and step dad at our favorite (non pictured) sea food restaurant. And last but not least, a dinner with my mama in law's side of the family. Several days of celebration with loved ones is the absolute best way to get in the holiday spirit, combined with twinkly lights and cold weather it was all perfect. The biggest thank you to all those who made time to see me and for all the lovely gifts. I'm truly blessed with amazing people in my life.
Oh and this incredible gift from my mama in law twin, who understands the gloriousness of big voluminous hair...
I can't wait to try this bad boy out... and obviously post some pictures. Thanks Cara Loren for the tutorial that got me obsessed with this thing!(:
Twenty-two has been off to a great start!<3