Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It Works!

We all know I live a healthy lifestyle with my eating habits and exercise regimen, and that I do my best to positively encourage everyone I know to do the same. I post about it frequently and even made a separate Instagram @blakeleyfitness for you to follow that part of my life specifically. One thing I've always preached is to do things the right way; don't fall for easy fixes or magic methods, because they don't work in the long run or are detrimental to your health in the process. Some of you may remember I've blogged on the subject before, warning people not to fall for gimmick products that make false promises or promote unhealthy habits. With that said, you must know that I don't support scam companies or ridiculous products. I admit when I first started seeing "that crazy wrap thing" posted all over my newsfeed, I just scrolled right past assuming it was just another one of those companies. Finally, after seeing quite a few impressive results pictures I did my research on the products and the company behind them. I was actually impressed that they are all natural and not full of the junk that so many others are. They are also described over and over as aiding in your health and beauty goals, while encouraging a healthy diet and exercise; never trying to replace them. Ever. That had my attention, but still a bit skeptical, I did more follow up on the company itself. I discovered it's a Christian based family first and foremost; with a goal to changes lives for the better. That was a pleasant surprise and made me feel good about the company, but I still wasn't convinced it was something I should join. So I put it on the back burner of my mind, but my interest continuously grew as I watched people I actually know on social media achieving goals and dreams by going after success in this business. There's a different vibe that comes from the people involved; it's positive, joyful, enthusiastic, supportive, and honest. Every time I saw a post, I became more and more attracted to it. Over a period of months, I put serious thought into it and prayed endlessly for guidance to make the right choice. If this was true and wonderful company as I felt it was, if it was a smart move for me to make for my family, I prayed that God would give me a smack in the face obvious sign...
After witnessing how this company drastically changed lives in incredible ways, I became more in awe and felt such a strong urge to join. Yesterday morning, while snuggled in bed watching cartoons with my two and a half year old daughter, I got on facebook to see another happy post about this great company. I started crying... I know, bear with me. I wasn't sad, at all. However, I was emotionally overwhelmed to take the leap of faith and become a part of this wonderful family. It was odd, I felt happy about something, but I was crying. I decided to pray about it one more time, for my final sign to do this. So I prayed. After that I went to play with my daughter in her room for a while, during a quick coffee refill break I glanced at facebook again (aren't we all addicted?). The first thing I saw was a video shared of a woman and mama I follow on instagram. It was an extremely emotional video, about her being able to shred up papers from the government for financial aid that she used to have to depend on, and now because of her success with this company she's been able to completely turn her family's life around. I began crying again, right along with her in the video. While not in the same position, I was touched by her honesty and vulnerability and just knew this company was amazing. I took that as a sign from God, after my prayers that this was the right move to make. Some of you may be skeptical, some may not have read past the first sentence of this, and others may delete me thinking "here comes another wrap posting girl.", but I'm here to tell you that I genuinely support this company, what it's about, it's product and am proud to be a part of it. I'll take great pride and joy in helping any and all of you to be a part of it too, whether you just want to try a piece from the line or join the family foundation as well. It changes lives, it works!