Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Nature Trails & Cat Walks

Another beautiful fall day spent at the park, where else? In case you haven't figured it out; we LOVE taking trips to the park! We favor a nearby nature preserve the most. It has an awesome playground for our regular playtime activities, SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES! as well as absolutely beautiful trails to walk, hike, bike, run... or strut if you're my little sassy fashionista pants.
What started out as a typically awesome mama and mini play date turned into quite the photo shoot of this trendy tot. I couldn't help but snap away at her perfect model poses and of course then blog about two major things; her cuteness (duh!) and the awesome brands behind her fabulous fall fashion.
I've got a serious affinity for handmade shops, especially made by other mamas. If you follow me on instagram, you can see I'm following a slew of adorable shops. All of them have goods I just can't wait to get Brooklynn in. Without further adieu, allow me to introduce you to these three fantastic brands...
Okay, so there is no such thing as being a toddler girl and having too many bows, headbands, and turbans. It just can't happen. So we started our NOXXaz collection with two new turban bows; the one pictured  (don't worry, I'll review the other soon!) is the Navajo Aztec print. I totally associate fall with tribal vibes, is that just me or do the two go hand in hand? Anway, the colors were perfect for autumn. So, as soon as I opened the package I pulled this adorable bow out and it was one of the softest fabrics I've ever felt. I honestly want lots of blankets and sweaters made of it. Obviously a major win right off the bat for this mama; as I only want the softest and comfiest things for my daughter. Brooklynn took one look and squealed "geeeeeeeeeen bowwwww!" (that's toddler for green, btw.) and immediately patted it on her head for me to put it on. She LOVED it and wouldn't let me take it off. And that's saying something, all you mamas know it can be a struggle to keep accessories on our babes. I loved pairing it with her chambray dress and moccs for an all over Native look for our hike through the nature preserve.
Alright, so can we just go ahead and give a round of applause for this awesome company? Let me tell you why you're clapping; not only do they make awesome sunnies for all ages (making for great mama and mini matchy matchy cuteness), but they also work for a cause. Their proceeds go toward funding to find forever homes for sweet babes and kiddos through adoption. How sweet is that? I love that my tot is rocking some aviators, and happily keeps them on at that, but the best feeling is knowing it's from a company that's doing good for children. So I'm throwing some shade your way, but the good kind of course, by telling you to go get yourself and obviously a mini(s) in your life a pair... or five.

Freshly Picked
So if you haven't heard of FP yet, wellll, frankly I'm sorry about the rock you've been chilling under. The lovely owner of this incredible company started out making moccasins for little ones in her basement and made her way to Shark Tank with her creations... You can now order her fly off the shelf popular moccs on her site and even Nordstrom. Have a favorite color? She's got it, in fact, there's probably a few shades of said color. They're delicious! I know, you're like why is this lady talking about shoes like that (well, first you don't know my shoe obsession), but the colors are just so yummy; most recently "With Cream and Sugar" and "Salt Water Taffy". I don't even like candy or sugar for that matter, but I want to eat these shoesies up! You'll know what I'm talking about when you go check them out, which you're obviously opening up another window to do now, RIGHT? They get even cuter when you put your youngin's little toesies in them. I do love them for more than looks though too; you take one look at them and recognize the amazing work put into them; they are soft soled (great for curled up baby toes too) but sturdy and durable, which is perfect for a toddler on the run. I'll warn you... once you start, you'll be on a mission to collect every pair. Brooklynn is rocking the "Platinum" in these photos.
I hope this post inspired you to check out these wonderful brands and obviously get out and enjoy your little ones and nature on these beautiful fall days!

*ALL opinions are my own and I wrote these reviews out of true love for the brands.<3

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

a walk in the park

If you read my last post about our morning at the pumpkin patch, I left off with our afternoon headed to the neighborhood playground... So, after both our teams won their games, hubby started prepping dinner while B and I took a walk to the park.
There's something so calming and peaceful about taking a walk with my daughter. The ambiance of a perfectly fall setting along the way and crisp weather to match didn't hurt either. It was just the two of us, on a walk together, and it was a blast. We hadn't even made it to the playground yet. We waved hello and byebye to all of the birdies who flew past and made ooohs and woaaaahs to the cool breezes that blew our way. Knowing that all of the observations she was making of our surroundings made her smile so much, made something as simple as a walk, so special to me.
Once we got to the playground her eyes lit up and I got her out of her stroller to let her explore. Her first fascination was with the tiny pebbles that made for the playground floor. She picked each one up, with a look of intrigue, and studied them, before gently placing them back on the ground. All the toys in the world, and the kid likes rocks; isn't that something to put life into perspective...
After that she went straight for the swings, squealing with excitement at each push higher. She'd look up and spot "paaaaaaaaaaaanes!" (planes) and so obviously I told her she was going just as high and to reach out and touch them, and she most preciously did. There were a few dozen trips down the slide, the baby slide, which mommy maaay have gone down too. If no one else is there, it doesn't count right? She peeked in a tunnel, but wasn't quite ready to venture through it, before deciding she was ready to "wakkkk!" (wallk). So, I tried to pick her up to put her back in her stroller, but she said "no way girlfriend!", okay so not those exact words, but she made it clear she wanted to walk like a big girl. Of course, I couldn't resist watching her pigeon toed chunky legs take off
. The entire day was fall-abulous! Yep, I made that a word.

Pumpkin Patch

I just finished my blog about fall (you can read it here) and all the warm fuzzy feelings it gives me, and Sunday was just a perfect example of that! 
We started our morning off by opening the back door to a perfectly crisp 65 degrees. Hello fall, we've missed you. My husband even said "it's the perfect day for a pumpkin patch!", so off we went with our little pumpkin. I had to. 
We went to a local church that holds a fall event every year; pumpkin patch, hayride, corn maze, pumpkin launcher, and of course photo ops for blogging mamas like myself. We first discovered it last year; our daughter's first fall. We got some adorable pictures then, but she wasn't able to participate as much at nine months old. Well, this time we let her run free (holding her daddy's hand or me a foot behind her). She had no interest in anything else other than sitting on the pumpkins, running through their aisles and blowing kisses to and petting the punkins, picking up (and us obviously buying) the tiniest cutest star shaped one, and waving byebye as we left. I truly believe they were her friends; a bunch of orange big bellied friends that she made on a perfect fall day. 
We'll be going back soon to load up our wagon with many to carve and craft closer to Halloween. We'll make a night of it while watching Hocus Pocus, of course! These are the memories we cherish  forever; these precious moments the holidays bring to mesmorize and bring joy to our child! 
The second half of the day was filled with watching football with our friends, who Brooklynn loves to entertain. I'm a born and raised San Diego girl transplanted to Dallas, and married to a huge Cowboys fan, so for both our teams to have won made for a very cheerful house. Okay, so maybe I was the only excited one about my Chargers... BOLT UP!  Nonetheless, winnings were had all around. We ended the afternoon with a mama and mini trip to the park, but I'll keep that for my next post...

Monday, October 13, 2014


There's something about that first morning of Autumn; just a few days ago was a blazing hot summer, but today is cool, it's crisp, it's fall. And that, is a beautiful thing.
I'd definitely say I've always loved the season of fall. I grew up in San Diego, so I was actually a beach girl, and thrived in the summer as a kid. But now, as an adult, and especially as a mama; I live for fall. There's just something about it, a vibe the earth creates to let you know a new season has begun. 
The leaves begin to change to beautiful shades of rust, gold, brown, and fading greens. They also rustle in the cool breezes as they fall to the ground, providing a confetti from nature if you will. They also become a smile on my daughter's face, as she stomps with all her might to get that satisfying crunch sound as we walk through the neighborhood.
I find comfort in fall; there's a cozy and heartwarming feeling that it brings. Maybe it's the chunky sweaters and soft scarves that make their way back in to my wardrobe, perhaps it's the switch of my lattes going from iced to hot, or even the tingling smell of cinnamon everywhere that just makes the world seem more whole.
As a kid, back to school was always exciting until the homework, of course. Though my daughter isn't old enough yet, seeing other's youngins on their first day back makes me smile. It's a new year, where our youth will be filled with knowledge, lessons, and friendships. That to me, is so sweet. I can't wait to be picking out backpacks and new shoes with Brooklynn; to helping her practice her spelling lists and coloring maps. The calendar year starts in January, but a new year of learning and growth begins in the fall.
Football kicks it off; no punted pun intended. I can't help myself, sorry. The way the whole country is involved in the same thing at the same time; it's patriotic to me. Obviously there are many opposing fans, but we're all still watching the same games and sharing in the excitement of it all. We all enjoy rooting for the team we're passionate about and the bonding we have with friends during the game. The homemade chili, soups, and dishes that hubby makes for game day make it all the better. Basketball, which happens to be my favorite, chimes in soon after football begins. I married into a basketball breed of family, so this time of year is always exciting, as we cheer on every Legends game from the courtside and show our bluest Mavericks pride!
I mentioned before how much I enjoy this time of year, especially as a mama. Our daughter will be two in January and she's at the perfect toddler age to create fun fall crafts and get a kick out of the Halloween decorations as they come out. I started making her festive foods last year; like oranges with jack-o-lantern faces or googly (kiwi) eyed smoothies. I can't wait to make even more this year, because I know she'll enjoy it even more and understand what Mama's doing. Pumpkin patches, hay rides, and corn mazes are in order too. Naturally, to be followed up with carving and decorating our pumpkins while watching Hocus Pocus. I'm not sure if she'll sit and enjoy it or just run amokamokamok during it, but I've got to introduce her to the Sanderson sisters early on. Duh.
We have our Halloween costumes planned as a family of three, and though it's a surprise, I'll hint that we match and it's Disney.(; We're stoked to take her trick or treating, now that she can walk and even say "thank you". In case you read my posts about raising her healthy; NO, she will not get to eat anything she collects... unless of course people want to start handing out Lara Bars and apples? We will have mama approved "nacks" on hand to trade out in her bucket for her to nibble like the big kids. 
After the BOOOOS! comes the gobble gobbles. Yet another warm and cozy day, filled with family, food, football, and fun. A day that we reflect on how beautiful life is, and show our gratitude in a celebration that is the falliest (that's now a word) of them all. For this day, I am thankful. For fall, I am grateful. For every day of this wonderful life, I am truly blessed. 
Now that Brooklynn is to an age where she truly enjoys all the festivities and is making millions of memories, we want to make every moment count. New traditions will be made, festive fun will be had, scrumptious food will be eaten, and love and laughter will be shared with family. And I'll be soaking up every falling leaf of it.

I hope your fall, like ours, is all that pumpkin spice dreams are made of.

moccasins: Freshly Picked & "Ello Love" onesie c/o: kateandjames