Tuesday, October 14, 2014

a walk in the park

If you read my last post about our morning at the pumpkin patch, I left off with our afternoon headed to the neighborhood playground... So, after both our teams won their games, hubby started prepping dinner while B and I took a walk to the park.
There's something so calming and peaceful about taking a walk with my daughter. The ambiance of a perfectly fall setting along the way and crisp weather to match didn't hurt either. It was just the two of us, on a walk together, and it was a blast. We hadn't even made it to the playground yet. We waved hello and byebye to all of the birdies who flew past and made ooohs and woaaaahs to the cool breezes that blew our way. Knowing that all of the observations she was making of our surroundings made her smile so much, made something as simple as a walk, so special to me.
Once we got to the playground her eyes lit up and I got her out of her stroller to let her explore. Her first fascination was with the tiny pebbles that made for the playground floor. She picked each one up, with a look of intrigue, and studied them, before gently placing them back on the ground. All the toys in the world, and the kid likes rocks; isn't that something to put life into perspective...
After that she went straight for the swings, squealing with excitement at each push higher. She'd look up and spot "paaaaaaaaaaaanes!" (planes) and so obviously I told her she was going just as high and to reach out and touch them, and she most preciously did. There were a few dozen trips down the slide, the baby slide, which mommy maaay have gone down too. If no one else is there, it doesn't count right? She peeked in a tunnel, but wasn't quite ready to venture through it, before deciding she was ready to "wakkkk!" (wallk). So, I tried to pick her up to put her back in her stroller, but she said "no way girlfriend!", okay so not those exact words, but she made it clear she wanted to walk like a big girl. Of course, I couldn't resist watching her pigeon toed chunky legs take off
. The entire day was fall-abulous! Yep, I made that a word.

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