Monday, October 6, 2014

Twenty & Twenty-One Months!

So, I'm combining last month and this month's because the timing of last month's was the week of our wedding and I honestly didn't get around to blogging, but of course I remember every little detail of her twentieth month.
Twenty-one months, I guess we're at that point of dropping the "months" and saying "almost two"... WAIT WHAT!?
She stepped on the scale by herself the other day and was a perfect twenty-five pounds. Her front four canine teeth are all coming in and from what I see more molars have too. Her hair is growing longer as well, can't wait to put it in piggies and top knots!
Fave & Least Favorite Foods:
She still eats almost EVERYTHING (that's healthy, of course!)  can't get enough salmon, chicken, beans, mushrooms, avocado/guacamole, almond butter, hummus and healthy crackers, shrimp, octopus, gyro, green apple, berries, mango, green grapes, Lara bars, oatmeal, and pineapple. Though she has started rejecting some things she used to scarf down, I'm not concerned. I don't mind if she doesn't love everything, as long as the things she does love are as healthy as they are. 
What's Brooklynn up to?
You mean besides going poop in the big girl toilet?! She was squatting and grunting one day (her usual poop behavior) but kept point to her diaper and fussing like she wanted me to do something about it... So naturally, I ran her to the toilet, ripped the diaper off, and plopped her down, where she happily and proudly pooped! Of course we were ecstatic and there were high fives and cheering going on. Since then we got her a princess toddler poddy, that she's gone in a few times now (I'll write a potty training post soon). We've had some other less tmi monumental moments over here... that prove we've got a reaaaaal toddler on our hands. She's now climbing on to the couch... and then trying to climb over the back edge too. Doing calf raises like jumps and walks on her tippy toes a lot, which I've heard is a sign of intelligence in kids. Way to go baby genius! She knows how to turn the lights, fans, and water faucets on and off... I anticipate the bill to go up. She's used chopsticks and insists on feeding herself. She's definitely growing some major independence in the sense of not wanting our help, but still very much needy of mama's cuddles, which I will never ever mind! She's got a flare of sass and dramatics, not sure where that came from.(; She got her first coloring book with crayons, and absolutely loves it. Only one attempt to color the couch and her arm, but understood quickly they're only for her coloring book. She had her first sleepover away from me for twenty-four hours at Grammie's, followed by an eight day stay with them while we were on our honeymoon. She did wonderfully, and my mom even had her sleeping through the night and taking two naps a day... You bet your hiney that that didn't last when she got home, she went straight back for boobies (we thought the trip might naturally wean her; it didn't), so as legend of breastfed babies go; she's not sleeping as much. She's done well with few hour babysitting stints with other family and friends too. Though her sleep has gotten a little better, but she's still not through the night. She's added the words "Llloyd" (family dog), poop, sit, down, walk, on, ott (off), pot (potty), boots, hop, hot, gogo and pops (hubby's dad and step mom), duck, nighnigh (wants to sleep), read, more, bird, mouse, nack (snack), food, ice, horse, plane, boo (blue), geen (green), and gone to her vocab as well. I'm sure I'm leaving something out, because she says and does something new everyday. We're amazed at the things she knows too, even though she's not saying them. I can ask where almost anything is and she'll point to it; for example "where's the plane?", she'll find it in the sky, and so on. She knows all of her colors, but struggles a bit with green. Can count things up to ten by pointing to them with her fingers, almost knows her whole alphabet visually, as in points to a picture to the letter, and knows square, circile, heart, and star shapes. Animal noises? You betcha this kid moooooos, meowwwws, wooofwoofs, quacks (which sounds like she's hawking a loogie, gross I know.), and grrrrrrowls. We've been practicing these things a lot with our reading and playtime, and we're so proud of how smart she is. She's a helper too; for the most part she will follow a simple request like "Please go put your crayons in the box." or "Please bring mommy your shoes." With that, also comes the other end of the spectrum. She is after all, a toddler. So we have had some what I feel like are early terrible twos, you know the ones; throwing self onto floor and screaming because I cut the mango in cubes and she wanted wedges... yeah, special. Her fits are few and far between, but when they happen, they're intense. and kind of hysterically funny. Back to her being the sweetest angel that ever lived... She was our flower girl at our wedding on September 13th and again in my mom's wedding October 4th, she did a fantastic job both times and I've never seen anything cuter! She's quite the social bug too, with a new friend (boyfriend) that she loves to go on dates with. If you're good people, she'll give you a high five, fist bump, and shake your hand for "nice to meet you", and if you're reaaaaaaal lucky you may get a kiss blown at you.


You are growing up so fast! We love watching you learn new things, and become smarter and more independent and grow, but at the same time want you to stay little forever! You're a curious cat and genius at that, you're a snuggle bug and we love your kisses and hugs. I realize I've written this like a rhyme, unintentionally. Now I can't find a word that rhymes. We love you so much sweet baby girl, and each day you brighten our world all over again!


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