Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nature Box: Part Three

And yet, again my monthly box of super snacks arrives, let's inside shall we? 

Black & White Granola:
So when you open the bag, music plays. Can you guess which Michael Jackson hit I'm talking about? It's "Black or White" for those of you under a pop culture rock. Picture me dancing around the house, complete with tube socks on to perfect my moonwalk on the wood floors, and this bag of chocolatey vanilla-ey goodness in hand. Munching and jamming; that's what this snack is for.(;

Citrus Chipotle Chickpeas:
Not going to lie, these weren't my favorite. I take pride in being honest in my reviews, so I'll leave it at not bad, but not something I'm ordering again. 

Bombay Curried Cashews:
This terrific mix made it in our box again;  proof positive that it's delicious! You can see my previous post here that talks about it. 

Dark Chocolate BerryTrail Mix:
This is now a staple in our boxes. When does something become a staple? I think it qualifies. It's the perfect blend of nuts, seeds, dried berries, and most importantly dark chocolate. I eat it by the handful, on oatmeal, in pancake batter, or on Greek yogurt. Tremendous no matter how you shovel it in.(:

Tropical Trail Mix:
MMM. This was delightful, and came with a vacation to the Caribbean. Okay, well, that's where I pretended to be while eating this on top of some mango Greek yogurt, and it was almost as fantastic! I love chewy texture and tropical fruit, so you throw in dried nibbles of papaya, mango, pineapple, and coconut and I'm a happy hula dancing girl.(; 

Masa Crisps:
So we didn't actually order this one, it came as an extra surprise. Greatness. One word to sum these up: Fritos. They taste just like Fritos, but didn't feel as guilty as a greasy bag of chips. We dig 'em. 

Notice: The box we've ordered for next month is actually all repeats of previous snacks, they're that good. However, I won't be writing a repeat review. I'll be happily snacking though!(:

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