Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Chia Seed Pudding

Why I just discovered this, I'm unsure. I'm so glad I did though! 

These itty bitty beads are bursts of energy, protein, fiber, and healthy fats! 

Brief history lesson: the Aztec Warriors used to chow down on these for sustenance before fighting, not that I'm encouraging violence, I'm just saying they pack a punch. See what I did there?

Besides dating to the way back, (I trust things that have been around a while, meaning they haven't been created by mad scientists) chia seeds contain plenty of other types of goodness...

Omega 3s
Yeah, buddy. We like those. Many run (or a wimpish jog) from things high in fat, but these are your fat friends. Chia seeds are the highest plant form of omega 3s and have even more than salmon. In case you're wondering, these healthy fats fight inflammation, such as heart disease and arthritis. 

Weight loss.
Chia seeds absorb ten times their weight in water, thus causing you to feel fuller and in turn preventing you from over eating. The thicker gelatinous texture the create can also help keep the body hydrated, which great in itself, butalso prevents us from misreading our body's signals and eating, when really we're dehydrated, not hungry.  

Diabetic friendly.
Chia seeds slow our bodies ability to convert carbohydrates into simple sugars, which helps regulate blood sugar levels. 

So now that you're obviously sprinting to your nearest grocer, (I suggest Costco, so you can get them in bulk, because you're going to eat a ton, right? RIGHT?!)  let me tell you what you can do with them...

As previously mentioned chia seeds absorb ten times their weight in liquid, which skip all the scientific stuff, gives you pudding. Yes, pudding. You're about to indulge in the healthiest tapioca-like deliciousness ever. 

1/8c chia seeds
1/2c almond milk (or healthy milk of choice) 
-and here's the fun part, this creates a blank canvas for you to flavor (healthily, of course) how you please. Just mix all ingredients in Tupperware and stir, then set in the fridge for a few hours, or overnight if you have that self-control. And voila, pudding! 

So throw in some cinnamon, clove, star anise, nutmeg, and a couple drops of vanilla for a horchata-like (traditional mexican drink) flavors. 

For you fitfam'ers, you'll love this. Mix in like 1/8 scoop of your favorite protein powder for an awesome post workout snack or recovery dessert. You know this creates a bevy of flavor options. And if you took my advice here (which you surely did.) and got yourself some Matcha Green Tea powder this one's for you... Just mix in 1/8 scoop vanilla whey protein powder and like a teaspoon of the matcha powder and you've got a healthy substitute for my favorite post-sushi dessert green tea ice cream. *as pictured above.

It really is a blank canvas, so be creative and make your own delicious recipes, and of course feel free to share them here! Just remember, to keep things healthy, let's avoid super sugary junk food additives. 

I know I'll be in the kitchen concocting new recipes too, I'm trying to incorporate fruit now too, as well as adding them to cookie and pancake recipes. 

Oh, oh... And if you like the crunch of the chia seeds dry, throw them on top of some oatmeal or a smoothie. 


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