Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

This weekend was my second Mother's Day since becoming a mommy, and we celebrated the entire weekend!

On Friday Brooklynn and I made crafts for all the mamas in our life and it was a blast for both of us. I've always been artsy fartsy, and she's just now on the edge of being able to get into it, so it was greatness. Messy paint-covered greatness! We made flower bouquets from her hand and feet prints, and each of the mom's and grandma's (though they all go by other names) absolutely loved theirs. 
and yes, she does eventually get fed up with the thousand picture photoshoots...
drama queen. hah. 

Friday night, Travis took Brooklynn and I to my favorite Mexican restaurant Cantina Laredo and we enjoyed a delicious dinner and I got him to watch "The Holiday" with me. You know it's love when he sits through a total chick flick for you... Still working on 'Notebooking' him though...

Saturday morning started with a venti iced Skinny Caramel Macchiato; my drug of choice, and any day that starts with my drink is going to be fantastic. He also stayed home to play with Brooklynn so I could go get a good workout in at the gym, which always makes me feel like Wonder Woman. Mamas know how hard it can be to fit workouts in with a little one. (Spoiler: something fabulous on that coming soon!) and then when I got home and out of the shower, I walked out to yet another Skinny Caramel Macchiato. He truly knows the way to my heart

We then took about an hour mini road trip out to visit Travis' dad and step mom (Pops and Gogo) at his step-mom's mom's house (say that ten times fast), where we spent time with her family with good ole fashion BBQ, swimming, and swinging in the hammock. 

That evening we drove to my mom and her fiancé's house (Grammie and Tompa) and they got some play time with B and we all went to a yummy Mexican dinner. 

Sunday morning started with... You guessed it; more Starbucks and some sweet gifts from hubby and baby; a delicious oil burner with tons of amazing scents, a sweet coffee tumbler that I can put Brooklynn's hand and feet prints in (we did that today), and some shopping for this mama.(; Those things are wonderful, but the greatest gifts I have are Travis and Brooklynn. We then went to brunch with Gogo, Pops, and Travis' two little sisters Olivia and Vivian at Le Bilboquet in Dallas. It was a beautiful little French spot on the corner and just so perfectly fitting for Mother's Day, and obviously delicious. I specifically recall Peach Bellinis and Dark Chocolate Mousse.

That afternoon, we went to Travis' mom and step-dad's (Gaga and Pappy) and little brother Kieran's house for some more swimming and play time. Then we all went to dinner at our favorite Greek spot Platia Kouzina, and loved every bit of the time together and of course the food. 

It was an incredible weekend, spent with family and celebrating all of the beautiful mothers within it. We're so blessed to have so many! I'm so grateful for the quality time with each and every one. And at the end of the day, when I rest my head, I am lucky enough to lay beside my wonderful hubby and perfect baby girl, and life is complete. I hope all of you had a terrific Mother's Day as well!💕

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