Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sixteen Months!


Sixteen months. I always feel like she's as tiny as when we brought her home, until someone walks by with a newborn and I'm just like dude, slowwwww down!


She weighs 20lbs 8oz (11%), she's 29in tall (7%), and her head is 47cm (76%.  So she's just an itty bitty with a big smart brain! She now has 12 teeth, including 4 molars. 

Favorite foods:

She eats everything we do, if it's healthy, real food; she eats it. I'm seriously so proud of her eating habits. I know I say it every time, but it's important to us. We're given the opportunity to shape their habits now, so it's vital to instill healthy behaviors, which is exactly what we're doing. You can see previous posts about what she enjoys here and here. She's also still nursing every three hours or so, which is probably much more comfort than anything. 

Least favorite foods:

Not a thing. She even loves spice as much as I do... We recently went to our favorite Thai restaurant and I ordered my dish at spicy level 8 (which they only say goes up to 5 on the menu) which is generally only liked by the insane 'strong paletted', and before I could stop her she reached onto my plate and ate some of the chicken that was drenched in spicy sauce. I immediately thought "OH S#*@! this is going to be bad!"... but then she reached back for more... And more. Obviously, I intervened and fed it to her via fork so said sauce wouldn't be on her hands and then inevitably in her eyes, because I don't care how strong your tongue is no one's eyes are meant for it. So she pretty much ate half my plate and loved every fire breathing bit. And yes, I know some of you are thinking that's going to hurt her tummy later and cause miserable diapers... but she was perfectly fine! I'd say the only thing she dislikes about food, is not getting it fast enough. Kid likes to stuff her face, sometime to a point that we have to physically stop her from stuffing all five grapes into her mouth at once. And yes, she's still that petite, despite her eating.

Look who's talking:

This month she said Gaga (which is Travis' mom's grandma name) and Tompa (my step dad's grandpa name), which I know melted both of their hearts! She's also started saying "ha" for hot when I tell her to wait for her food to cool down and she tries to blow on it like I do. "Ruv ruv" to mimick the dogs barking. "Waa-uhw" to say water. She's really good at saying and waving byebye! As well as "ohz" for nose, "iz" for eyes, "urz" for ears, "het" for head, and "booiez" for boobs. Yes, boobs. She also laughs when she says it. She knows where to point to all of those things on me and herself too. She's learned "sooz" for shoes and "dut" for duck, and makes the moo sound when she sees a cow or of you say cow, we can thank her Grammie for that one. Those are all In addition to her previously learned Mama, Dada, DogDog, Curr (car), teee (tree),  (woah/wow), dat (what's that/I want that), buhlnnn (balloon), ulafa (elephant), and taaauuu (thank you). 

Favorite  things:

She still loves all of the things I've mentioned before here, but we've so added the B. Toys Alphabet Puzzle, new books to her shelves, and some new stuffed animals friends have made their way into her posse. She really truly does play with everything, but if I had to choose her favorites include her raccoon, elephants; both stuffed and the rocker, mountain lion, and Sophie the giraffe. Her Parumpumpumdrum, Zany Zoo, cars, and puzzles win too. Basically anything made by the brand B. toys is a huge hit! Basketballs will obviously always a be a favorite, and anything musical or that lights up. As much as she loves playing with her toys, she loves to play clean up just as much. Which Mama really appreciates! Haven't been able to get her to put all hundred of her books back on the shelf though... Baby steps, we'll get there.

Favorite activities:
Well guys, WE OFFICIALLY HAVE A WALKER! As of April 25th, those chunky thighs have been strutting all over the place. I was lucky enough to capture it on film the first time, and it truly is as special and surreal as they say. So she now loves trotting around and continuing to get into anything she can. Definitely Curious George. Whatever activities she's into, she wants to be near us. So she helps me cook by playing with measuring cups/spoons in mixing bowls and throws socks everywhere sorts laundry with me too; quite the little helper. She LOVES to dance, especially when I pick her up in my arms out of nowhere and we just start jammin' to whatever music is playing, she'll also bob her head and lean side to side when she hears a song she likes when she's doing stuff on her own too. She loves Disney movies, with Frozen being our new favorite. Yeah, us and the rest of the world. ha. She enjoys going for walks too, and usually fingers crossed a way to fall asleep. Playing with animals and attempting to chase them, and successfully feed them her food is a definite favorite too. She gets such a kick out of animals. Specifically my dog Rusty at my Mama's. Reading stories in my lap is still a favorite too, and it's so sweet to watch her point to the pictures and words, trying to say them. She loves bath time with her toys, trying to catch the falling water, and waving/saying byebye to the water as it drains when she's done. We went swimming for the first time this year, and she's still our mermaid for sure, she loved  it and walking along the steps too. More than anything, she just likes to be near us and doing things together, which I couldn't adore more. 

Least favorite activities:

I wouldn't say she loves diaper changes, getting out of the bath, getting in her carseat, having her hands/face wiped clean, or being told no. She usually hates being left alone, and gets hysterical when I leave the room too. Can you imagine how productive I am? ha! 

Signature moves and skills:

Walking!!! Actually, as of yesterday morning she's even attempting to run, luckily only on carpet for the couple falls she's made. She's actually really good at either landing on her butt or letting her hands catch her. She waves and says byebye to people, food when it's all gone, and the bath water as it drains. She just started doing peekaboo again, and is now blowing kisses, and it's just as precious as you could

imagine. She's a little dancer, always feeling the best. She likes to have something in each hand, whether it's snacks or toys; she wants two. She loves to empty things completely and one by one, then clean it all back up. She likes to share, bringing you her toys or shoving her food in your mouth giving you bites of her food. Clapping, clapping all the time, she's always excited and proud! Her crinkled nose grin and silly giggles are still the cutest thing ever! She reaches up and makes a "uh uh" sound which means pick me up, because she wants to be held most of the time. We also love her throw her arms around our neck hugs and she gives the best kisses, going back and forth between her Daddy and I like twenty times, and it completely melts us. 

Mom & Dad's proudest moment:

I think we've successfully gone a month without any goof ups, gold star sticker for us! haha. 

Brookie Bear,

Everyday with you is an adventure that we can't wait to go on. You're seriously a ball of energy and always keeping us on our toes with your fun antics. We're constantly smiling and laughing at your comedic cuteness. You are so brilliant kiddo, and we learn from you everyday. You're accomplishing so much, and growing so fast. We're so incredibly proud of you! Though we're so excited to see all that is to come, we also want to press pause an enjoy every single second with you. You've changed our world into the most amazing place, and we love you more than I'll ever know how to blog about! 

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