Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fourteen Months!

Fourteen months, holy smokes Batman, slooow down!
With the way she's been stuffing her face, I'd say she's probably up to 20lbs now and getting the cutest little tummy. I also think she's grown an inch or so because pants are shorter. Her ninth tooth; her first molar on the left side is poking through now too. As for clothing, she wears 18 months in some brands, yet I was able to fit her perfectly in an outfit she's had that's 3-6 months. Sizing is all over the place. Still in size 3 diapers.
Favorite foods:
You're still our super eater, and continue to love everything we've previously written about here and here. In the last month we've also added Brookie's Cookies (recipe here), roasted peppers, straight from the wheel Parmigiano-Reggiano, quinoa pasta, shrimp, sausage and bacon (only the tiniest nibbles to try, not a reoccurring thing.), Greek yogurt (she's tried it before, but we now allow it often) eggs (over medium or scrambled), sunflower seeds and pepitas (they were soft and crushed up; no choking hazards.), and lobster to the list. We've also come to the conclusion that she's culinarily spoiled by her chef of a Daddy. I mean many fourteen month olds do you know that eat filet mignon, lobster, and truffle? Throw in a bottle of Dom why don't you? Kidding on the latter half of that. We are still so proud of what an awesome and vast appetite you have for such nutritious and wonderful foods. You drink water some now too, you will drink it from your own cup, but prefer to jack share my Baylor cup that I use daily (that I still have from the hospital when she was born.), but any bottle or cup will do when thirsty. You do well with it, but still do let a decent amount of it drench you from time to time. Oh oh oh, and I'm super excited to say that you've got the spicy tooth of mama, I've been cooking our food with a lot of cayenne, red pepper, jalepeños, and Serrano peppers and you happily eat it all up! Atta girl.(:
Least favorite foods:
You didn't really care for black olives, I don't blame you. I don't know if this counts as "least", because she ldoesn't have it, but we still avoid sugar, white wheat flour, processed junk, and most dairy.
Look who's talking:
In the last month, you started saying...
1. "Mama" again; she had stopped for a while which totally bummed me out, but she's saying it again now, so all is well in the world.(: 2. "Buhhhln" (balloon) and she says it repeatedly really fast like "buhhlnnbuhhlnbuhhln", while pointing at whatever balloons or blimps she sees. 3. "Taa-uu" (thank you), she's said it like that after I said to her when giving her food. She generally just makes a two syllable mmhm type sound and nods her head yes with a smile when I say thank you. 4. "Tree", our little nature lover said it while pointing at a tree, I encouraged it every walk we've been on. 5. "Ca", I wasn't around for this one, but Daddy said he pointed at a car and asked her what it was and she said "ca" and no, we're not from the North East. 6. "Babuhbaa" (basketball), this one melted her Daddy's heart almost as much as hearing dada for the first time. Her entire world is surrounded by basketball due to her Daddy's career, so she was bound to say it soon. "Bah" for ball happened within the same couple days too. 7. "Bwowoahwoah" (woah), she says it when she falls down (relax, I mean like just plopping on her bottom) or when she feels wobbly on something. The first time she said it was on the swings at the park.
Favorite things:
She still loves all of the things mentioned in Thirteen Month Faves, with the addition of her new Flinstone-esque baby car. She's also much more into her stuffed animals and babies; she cuddles them, boops their nose, and kisses them. She likes to carry her toys with her when she crawls around now too and definitely loves to play the pass it back and forth sharing game. Balls are still one of the biggest hits, and she's gotten really darn good at rolling it to us. She also really enjoyed the Disney movie "Tangled", she happily sat through a good majority of it. As for books, we read like five a day and she loves them all. I'll have to do a separate post on her library soon. 
Favorite activities:
Being an adventurer; she is constantly crawling, cruising, and climbing around at the speed of light. Opening all cupboards and drawers (latches and locks are where they need to be.), and pulling everything out of them. She follows us from room to room, and gets a big kick out of it when "she finds Mama or Daddy!" She still loves just going to town with her toys, both with us and by herself. Story time is definitely still a favorite too, again in our laps or reading to herself. Bath time is still a big hit too and she's learning to brush her teeth with us. Of course, going to basketball games is one of the best things ever. As you may have seen in our post here, she absolutely loved the swings! Most of all, she loves to spend time with us, she's definitely a love bug that would take being in our arms over anything, and we wouldn't have it any other way.(:
Least favorite activities:
Still NOT a fan of diaper changes, having her hands and face wiped clean, or getting in her carseat. We've also hit the toddler stage I think, because she doesn't like being told "no" or "not for baby", she tries to test the waters and when we tell her not to, at first she lets out a half-wimper-half-smile thing, which is so cute you want to let 
her get away with it that she's trying to see if you'll laugh or stay stern. Once she hears no again, she usually starts to cry and it's so sad, but does fortunately stop whatever it was she was doing. You also don't like to sleep much, and pretty much only fall asleep in my arms or sometimes a long car ride, that's okay though, because I love your snuggles and I can catch up zzz's in later years. 

Signature moves and skills:
Well your quickness in crawling, cruising, and climbing has definitely escalated. You're also standing without holding anything for about a minute at a time before plopping down. You walk really well with the assistance of our hands or holding onto a toy as we pull it. You continue to wave, high five, blow kisses, dance, clap, point, and have added affirmatively nodding yes. You point at EVERYTHING and say "dat!" wanting us to tell you what it is or let you see/touch/have it. You love love love to laugh, and it's truly the cutest sound ever! You get so so so excited; squealing and speed-crawling or leaping into my arms to take you to the door when you hear Daddy coming home, it seriously melts my heart! You're still Mama's girl for the majority, but definitely starting to build your Daddy's girl behavior, and are opening up a lot more with others; letting them hold you and play with you in and out of our presence. Thankfully; as much as we love your love, we want you to be social too! You even had her first babysit (outside of a few times with family) with our good friend who's two year old Hudson is your first boyfriend. I die over the smitten puppy love they have, and their flirting is seriously the cutest thing ever! Her Daddy said she couldn't date until she was forty, but even he can't stop the adorableness that is these two.
Mom's proudest moment:
I was holding her and my iced tea with a straw at the same time, well the little sneak started sipping some while I was mid-conversation and didn't notice. I mean, it could have been worse, as far as beverages goI hold my coffee with much more security.(; 
Dad's proudest moment:
Daddy really hasn't had any goof ups that I can remember as of late. Gold star for him. haha. 

Our little Curious George! You are always so fascinated by the world around you and your curiosity leads you on great adventures. You go go go non stop, just like your Daddy, you two are energizer bunnies. Your intelligence and what you take in is astounding, you're truly brilliant kiddo. You make us laugh all day long with your quirks and cute behaviors. You're so full of love, and bring sunshine to us always. Your smile and laugh make our hearts burst, and your cuddles and kisses melt our heart. You grow so much every day and we can't wait to see what's next. We love you with all of our heart baby girl!<333

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