Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Nature Box

So I recently won a six month subscription to Nature Box, thanks to the lovely blogger The Wiegands.

I was super excitedbecause winning is always fun, but more so for the opportunity to try this awesome company out. Nature Box is kind of like a fruit-of-the-month concept, but way cooler! They send you a monthly box filled with five (or more) different packaged snacks. You can choose what goes into the box each month or for those who like to live life on the edge, you can have them surprise you. Awesome right? But wait, it gets better! The snacks are wholesome and real, and a whole lot of really delicious too!

They come in perfect size packages to throw in the diaper bag for this on-the-go mama who's always often hungry. They're also great for my hubby to keep at his desk, since he's literally always going a hundred miles an hour, he can pop into his drawer and grab a hand full of sustenance. 

So enough of me talking, I know what you're waiting for... The mouthwatering pictures.(; 

Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix:
This is amazing by the handful, but even better topped with almond butter on oatmeal in the morning or mixed in some Greek yogurt.(: mmm. We're also able to share seeds and nuts (mashed up safely, of course) with Brooklynn. 

Sour Cream & Onion Almonds:
This was a pick for my hubby, as he LOVES Sour Cream & Onion chips, I thought I'd throw in this much healthier alternative for him. They are a hit! 

Country Ranch Peas:
I left a spot open for a surprise in our box and this was it. Ranch fans, you're in luck, it tastes just like it and the crunch of the peas definitely satiates those chip type cravings

Chili Lime Pistachios:
I love sour. I love spicy. I love pistachios. This was a no-brainer. They are so darn tasty, definitely going to consistently keep this as a pick in our boxes to come. 

Dark Cocoa Almonds:
Because who doesn't love dark chocolate covered almonds? I don't think we can be friends if you disagree. These bad boys are the bomb. I always say everything in moderation, but it was impossible rather difficult to accept the "four servings in a bag", when I could've eaten its entirety at once. Perfect to grab a few to satisfy my often late night chocolate craving. 

We are very pleased with the quality of these products and are narrowing down our goodies for this month's box to come.

I'm so glad we discovered Nature Box, and you will be too! Go get yourself signed up and excited for the heavenly box to arrive on your doorstep.(:

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