Thursday, March 13, 2014

What mermaids eat for lunch...

If you're reading this, that means my title was successfully intriguing. Yay! So what the heck am I talking about? Mermaid lunch? I'll tell you...

With bikini season upon us, a lot more people though you should be eating clean all year round! are looking for healthier meal ideas, with the hopes of feeling slim this spring and summer. Well, I asked the mermaids their secrets for a hot beach body recipe in the real spirit of all things beachy, I present you with the "Tuna Clam Shell"...

I promise that a diet of lean proteins, complex carbs, nutrient rich veggies, and yes, even healthy fats will help you achieve that dream beach bod. Keep it up and you'll be sure to shine like a pearl amongst a sea of junk food whales. Sorry, I can't help myself with the puns!(:

Tuna Clam Shell aka Mermaid Lunch:

•1 can of tuna
•1/2 cup cooked quinoa
•1 tbsp hummus
•1 4in. stem celery 
•1/10 onion 
•1/2 jalepeño (can omit if you're a spice wuss)
•1 leaf of red cabbage 
•A couple Country Ranch Peas from Nature Box
•Cracked Pepper to taste 

-Cook (any amount; you can store extra for later meals) of quinoa according to directions box/bag. Let cool. You can expedite this by putting it in the fridge after cooking. 
-Pour can of tuna in bowl and season with cracked pepper (NO salt, it doesn't need it and we're avoiding bloat, remember?)
-Dice up jalepeño, onion, and celery and toss in tuna. 
-Dollop 1Tbs hummus in tuna. I used their Roasted Red Pepper flavor, but imagine most any of them would be delicious; I can't wait to get my hands on their Spicy Jalepeño! The creaminess of the hummus healthily replaces nasty awful mayo.)
-Once cooled add quinoa to tuna and stir all ingredients together until evenly mixed. 
-Scoop mixture into cabbage leaf or 'clam shell', if you're digging my beach theme which you totally should be.
-Top with a couple of Country Ranch Peas aka 'pearls', because you totally ordered them after reading my Nature Box post here right?! 

-Pair with this amazing %100 Pure Mango Juice from Philippine Brand

-Enjoy this totally healthy and delicious meal, knowing you're satisfying your tummy in both hunger and appearance. Bonus points for eating this at the beach or desired body of water, rocking your clamshell bra I can't be the only person who owns one!? and obviously super hot bikini body.(;

*I was not endorsed to name/link the brand of products I use (though I'd happily do so if any companies are interested, wink wink!), I just like to be as specific as possible and tell you exactly what we use in our home. 

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