Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Insert ridiculously giddy happy dance here.

If you read my last post here, you know I ended it with a mention of going to my first appointment to try on wedding dresses. So this is how it went...

So this past Saturday, my MOH Jordan greeted me with my drug of choice favorite drink; a Venti Skinny Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks, in case you want to know the way to my heart, that's it. Then off we went to Winnie Couture to start playing dress up. We arrived to the boutique, and upon arrival I was filled with excitement and the sparkling chandeliers and complimentary champagne just amplified the feeling. After filling out some brief paperwork, we were led to the room where all of the magic happens. No, not the bedroom of a rapper on MTV Cribs. But the most glamorous room filled with gowns just dying to be tried on. So without wasting a minute, Jordan and I picked out our favorites. Naturally, she and I have the same taste, so that worked out very well. I picked a total of five dresses to try on. 

So I put on the first dress. I loved it; it had all of the features I was looking for and I felt beautiful. I walked around and twirled, it was pretty throughout. I felt excited about it, but definitely still felt the need to try on the others. I wasn't going to pull the trigger that quick. Then came dress number two, shortly followed by number three. They were pretty dresses, I mean obviously I picked them out. hah. However, they weren't as beautiful as the first. Well, it turns out I did love the first dress, though I think the real attachment came from it being the first wedding dress I've ever worn. I mean, it took my dress v-card after all. But then, I fell in love...

I fell in love with dress number four. The minute I stepped into it, I felt like a princess. I stared in awe at myself in the mirror, not in vanity of myself, but with the dress. I began to laugh and smile so hard my dimples cramped, which is a feeling only my fiancé Travis has given me. I began to cry, but the happiest of tears. I felt hot and tingly all over. I was on a silk cloud, fluffed with organza, and sparkling with the prettiest of crystals. This was the dress. I imagined myself saying "I do" in this dress. I knew in my heart, this was the one. The butterflies I felt were the same as the ones I felt when Travis proposed. It was just meant to be. I danced in it, from an elegant twirl and dip to a little twerk action (just kidding if any older relatives read this.) I sipped champagne and hugged my best friend in it. It felt so natural during all of it. Some may think I'm being dramatic over something that's material, but it's more than that. Once you've had that moment, you understand. It's magical and I know the actual fairytale day that I get to wear it will be beyond compare. Obviously, this  dress was the one. I just needed my Mama to see me in it, I needed her to be there, when I made the commitment to it. So she was able to come out yesterday. We brought my daughter Brooklynn with us and she was entranced by Mama in what seemed to be the most mesmerizing thing she'd ever seen. That sealed the deal for me. My Mama was able to witness the joy it brought me firsthand and she told me just how beautiful I was in this gorgeous gown, and with her smiling approval and extreme generosity, I said 
"YES TO THE DRESS!"(:<3(:<3(:3

ps. Sorry, no pictures! I'm not going to spoil it before the big day!

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