Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thirteen Months!


13 Months. Her doctor referred to her as a toddler. A toddler? No way. That happens when they're like two, right? I might be in denial.

We haven't measured since her 1 year appt, but she was 27.75 inches long and 18.9lbs. She has 8 teeth; four on top and four on bottom. She wears different sizes across the board in clothing, brands are so inconsistent. Anywhere from 6-18 months. In diapers she wears a size 3. 

Favorite foods:

EVERYTHING! If I had to pick one that she wolfs down the quickest, it would be sweet potatoes, she probably eats at least half of a large one throughout a day. She also loves meat; chicken, salmon, lamb, and turkey to name a few. And beaaaaaaans, the kid loves beans of any kind! Fruits and veggies are plentiful in her daily diet too! See, I told you, EVERYTHING! You can see a full list of foods she eats here. We're very proud that we're raising a baby foodie.(: and a new post coming soon on some baby friendly cookies I made...

Least favorite foods:

There isn't anything she won't eat. We went through a brief stage that she spit out mangoes, but she chows down on them now. She's also doing better with the texture of leafy things. Again, yay for our adventurous eater!(:

Look who's talking:

1. "Dada" to her Daddy. 2. "DogDog" for dogs, obviously. 3. "Babyyyyyyyy" when she's crying for me, which is pretty much the saddest thing ever. 4. "Duuuu-ooattt!" Which I think is what's that? Or at least I always respond with whatever she's pointing at. 5. I said RAWR to her a couple weeks ago and she mimicked me. 6. As of two days ago she's pointing to say "pit-eeee" for pretty. Her Grammie taught her when pointing to all of the sparkly jewelry at the wedding dress boutique on Tuesday. She's now pointing to shiny and pretty things, and saying it. Today is was to the GIANT snowflakes falling outside.(: 7. And there are a lot of other combinations of sounds that I just know are intellectual statements, we just don't quite understand them yet. 

Favorite Things:

I love balloons! I just discovered them at my birthday party, and the giant "1" balloon we had is still up, I love to bop it and try to give it kisses. It's pretty rad. Every day should have balloons! I love so many different books, I couldn't name them all, but we read at least five a day. Touch and feel ones or ones with sound are extra fun! I do love all of my toys, but I tend to favor these the most: 1. B. Zany Zoo 2. Elephant Rocker 3. B. Toys Parum Pum Pum Drum 4. Crawl With Me Turtle 5. Take A Spin Around The Sea 6. Musical Tea Party 7.Sensory Shapes 8. Ring Stacker All of my stuffed pals get loving too, I just don't know where they're from. 

Favorite Activities:

I LOVE going to The Legends basketball games! Sitting courtside baby! All of the lights and sounds are amusing, but I actually get into the game.  I know a thing or two about some b-ball. I mean, you know my Daddy. I'm so proud to see him doing his thing at the games, and teaching me all about it. I'll be slamming dunks in no time! I also loveLOVElove to play with my toys, any and all of them. Mama and I spend all day playing different games to help me learn and grow. It's so much fun! I love reading stories just as much, sometimes I Iike Mama to read them to me, and other times I like to read it. I actually like "clean up, clean up" just as much as playing. I put all of my toys back in boxes or containers they came from when I'm done. Haven't figured out how to get my books back on the shelf though. Oh well, Mama seems to enjoy doing it a thousand times a dayI love to watch "Peter Rabbit", "Dinosaur Train", "Doc McStuffins", "Curious George", "Bubble Guppies", and "Cat in the Hat". Don't worry, I don't watch too much! We listen to music a lot, and I'm a fan of all the same stuff as Mama and Daddy; Pearl Jam, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, GNR, Coldplay, and that new song "Say Something" puts me to sleep nine times out of ten in the car. Bath time is another favorite of mine, especially now that I'm bigger and can really play with toys and splish splash. Mama says as soon as it warms up I can splish splash in the pool again, I can't wait, because I love swimming! Eating, how could I forget? I LOVE TO EAT! Mmm mmm mmm, more food please! Whatever's on Mama's plate, I'm scarfing it down. Ahhh, and tickles! I love the tickles and kisses! It makes me laugh so hard, and makes Mama and Daddy so happy! I really love going for elephant or Minnie Mouse plane rides, and long walks in the stroller to see all of the scenery. I also enjoy jumping around in my bouncer and watching a cartoon, but not for too long. I'm really just a happy happy girl and enjoy most things!(:

Least Favorite Activities:

I really hate getting my diaper changed, or my hands and face wiped clean. Maybe I wanted that quinoa in my ear and sweet potato mashed between my fingers for later, Mom. Oh and I do not like waiting for food, if I see you guys eating, you better share ASAP! My least favorite thing ever is being separated from you Mama, I'm just your girl. What can I say? Sometimes, if I don't see or hear you and I'm with Daddy or someone I really trust I'm okay, but if I know you're in the room I need to either see you or be held by you. I just love you so much Mama! And Mommy loves you! 

Signature moves and skills:

I'm crawling at lightening speed, cruising on all of the furniture, and standing up for a few seconds at a time without holding on. I can walk while holing on to a toy or your hands, but not quite on my own yet. I like to point at things, and have you tell me what they are. I can wave hi/bye and gives high-fives, when she wants to. I love dancing and waving my arms in the air, when I'm feeling the music. Shh, don't tell, but I do this adorable fake cough/cry/laugh thing for attention, as though she's not already getting all of it.  I also love to do this adorable thing, where I  flick my finger on my mouth, you know, to make that "blublubblubblub" sound, and I'd like everyone to do it with me.  Another thing I love is clapping! When I'm proud or excited, I clap. Then she gets proud and excited that she can clap... So we spend a lot of time clapping. I also love to give big kisses to Mama and Daddy, but only when I feel they really deserve it.(:

Mom's Proudest moment:

I sat her down in the living room momentarily, so that I could pee really quick before we left. Of course, she's fully dressed and ready to go. I come out to find her drenched, because she thought the dog's water bowl would be a fun thing to dump over. This may have happened a total of three times. Don't worry, I'm writing my acceptance speech for the Mother of the Year award now. 

Dad's Proudest Moment: 

Well, now that I've calmed down about this one I guess maybe I can laugh at it. We were cooking out at a friend's house a couple weekends ago, and I was walking B in her stroller around the neighborhood to get her to nap. Well, I had to pee really bad (it seems things only happen when I go pee, guess I should stop that.) So Travis came to take over for me to run inside. It's a beautiful Sunday and were BBQ-ing, and what not, so naturally he had a beer in hand. Or not. Not in his hand, but in the cup holder of the stroller. You know where this is going... He hit a bump. Beer everywhere. All over her stroller. Her blanket. A few drops on her head. After an irritated "are you f*%?#$@ kidding me?!?" and an immediate baby wipe bath, we were all good and B hadn't even noticed. The stroller was cleaned up and dried, without a hint of brewski smell. The guilt he had was bad enough, so my wrath of fury went away quickly. I mean what's life if you can't laugh at the hiccups? 

I can't believe it's been a month since she turned a year, but then again, I can't believe she turned a year! Time flies so fast! We're enjoying every minute of it though! We can't wait to see all of the new skills she will acquire and watch even more of her personality develop in the next month. We love you more than I could ever write into a blog, you complete our world sweet girl! Mommy and Daddy love you with all of our hearts!<3


  1. Love her little scrunchy smile! :)

    1. Awe, thank you so much! It certainly brightens my day!(: