Monday, February 3, 2014

I POPPED the question!?

...and my best friend said "I do." to be my Maid of Honor!(:<3

This Saturday was definitely one to cherish. I created this box as a fun and creative way to ask my best friend Jordan to be my Maid of Honor. Of course, she said yes!

So what's in the box? 
1. Ring Pop: because the MOH deserves to have the questioned popped with some sweet jewelry too.
2. Korbel Champagne & flute: because on that special day, I'll need my bff sipping by my side. That, and again with the "popping".
3. Brazilian Orchid candle: because it smells incredible, duh! Well, and I know something calming will be nice to relax to during all the helping me plan. 
4. Framed photo: because it's a throwback photo of when we were younger in the beginning of our friendshipOf course, it can be replaced with a new photo during all of the wedding festivities. 
I put it all in a box, like treasure, so that she can keep it contained and use the box for the cherished momentos to come.
And if you're clever, you may have picked up on the wedding color scheme.(; 

So to kick off all the fun, we went to my first wedding dress appointment...

...but more on dress shopping in my next post.(;

Thank you best friend, I can't wait for all of the fun to come! I love you!(:<3

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