Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday Tips

So I've decided to pretend I'm some sort of advice columnist, aren't we all? Every Tuesday [only because that's what sounds best with the alliteration of 't's], I plan to give some tips on a wide array of topics. Whether it be fitness, mommy life, wifey life, beauty, cleaning & organization, you name it. Some days might be a short and simple bullet point post, while others might be in depth. Whatever it is, my intentions are to provide others with information that has definitely helped me. I certainly hope you find them helpful and informative, but you can take it or leave it. As always, feel free to ask questions and of course share your tips as well.(:

So to kick things off, I'll post a bit of many topics...

1. Beauty: When applying mascara, place a business card you don't need behind your lashes, between them and your eye lids. This prevents mascara from getting on your lids, it also allows you to really wriggle the wand through your lashes and get them from all angles without worrying about a smudge fest, because there are few things more irritating than getting mascara on your face after you've just finished perfecting your makeup. 

2. Diet & Exercise: Go for a fifteen minute or more walk after eating a meal. it kicks your metabolism into gear and says "Hey, we're moving and we need to burn that food for fuel" as opposed to "Hey, let's kick back and make ourselves at home as extra pounds while we watch some Real Housewives." I certainly hope you can hear the same voices I did when imagining my metabolism could talk. Anyway. Set your shows to record and go walk. We especially enjoy it after dinner, B loves going for rides in her stroller and taking in all of the scenery, while Travis and I love watching her and catching up on our day. Fresh air, bonding, and exercise are incredible for both your mental and physical health. 

3. Cleaning & Organization: When dusting off surfaces in your house, follow it up with a swipe of a dryer sheet. I don't know what it is about those bad boys, but they scare away dust from landing for at least a few extra days. Don't believe me? Try it. 

4. Random: When taking photos of yourself or being in a photo, try posing with your left side to the camera. Your left side shows more emotion in your face, and you generally get more genuine and flattering photos. 

5. Mommies: The left over Lanolin or Mustela from your first few weeks of breastfeeding [I ended up with several extra bottles.] make for great relief on chapped lips. Now, you might not want to bust out the tube that says nipple cream in front of everyone, or maybe you do, but if not use it as your at home lip balm, and save your Burt's Bees for public use. 

6. Random: As a lover of candles, I do anything I can to help make them last longer. One trick is to cover them instead of blowing them out. Using their lid if they have one or a candle stopper. This prevents the wick from being blow to ash, thus shortening it's life. As well as preventing wax splatter and that awful burned out smell. It's one of my least favorite smells when a candle goes out. 

7. Beauty: Apply deodorant to any areas you're prone to get razor burn immediately following a shave. I know, I know... It sounds silly, but try it. I suggest something mild in scent, as well as the dry kind instead of gel. I use Dove Cool Melon. It doesn't build up a residue or leave any white streaks. I always apply lotion on top as well to moisturize. It's a trick used by models wearing swimwear and lingerie all the time, yes those lovely Victoria's Secret Models have swiped some good ole antiperspirant on their bikini lines to prevent those annoying little razor bumps that always seem to happen at the worst times. Luckily, I don't have this issue often, but when I do, this works like a charm. 

8. Wifey: (you can use this in general, I just happen to do it for my hubby.) When shopping for cologne or perfume, especially as a gift for others [usually Travis in my case] check the store for those sample size containers. They usually have a tub of empty ones with lids to attach. You take one of those and then use the tester to spray directly down the bitty tube to create yourself a sample.  I know Neiman's and Nordstrom have them in their fragrance department for sure, but if wherever you are, always feel free to ask. So this makes for a great way to see if my hubby likes a scent before I spend an arm and a leg a decent amount of money on a whole bottle as a gift. I mean, I'm the one who has to smell him, but figure I'd let him have some input on it too.(; I suppose you could try a few for yourself as well to see if you like something on you at home, when you're not in a zone of a thousand scents. 

So there you have it, some random, but hopefully useful tips on this terrific Tuesday!(:


  1. Ooh this is awesome! Great tips girly! xo

    1. Thanks love! Glad someone else could find them useful too!