Monday, January 6, 2014

How quickly the time has come, our sweet baby girl is ONE!

Brooklynn Rose,
You're ONE year old! I keep saying it out loud, yet still find it hard to believe. It feels like I just held you in my arms for the first time yesterday, time truly does fly. I haven't blinked once though, so that I could cherish every single moment of this year. It has been the absolute best year of mine and your Daddy's life. You have amazed us with everything about you. Your bubbly personality is adored by all, we know you'll always make friends wherever you go. Your intelligence blows us away, we're fascinated by watching you learn and know it will take you so far in life. Your beauty captivates us all, as you always hear "she's the prettiest baby ever!", carry confidence with that, but always be humble. I know you have enjoyed all of the time we spend together, and I want you to know how happy it made us. From every minute of playing with your toys, to reading all of your books for story time, to flying you like an airplane and getting you with tickles and raspberries, to going for walks and teaching you about your surroundings, to having your help with daily chores and activities, to sharing meals together, to watching your favorite cartoons and movies, to your hugs and kisses and sweet snuggles, and even to the fits and diapers in between it all; we wouldn't trade a single moment with you for the world. While part of us wishes we could relive this incredible year over and over, we're also ecstatic for what's to come. You're asleep in my arms as I write this, and I'm just staring in awe. You have filled our hearts with so much joy and happiness, there truly aren't enough words to express how wonderful you've made our lives. It is an honor for us to be your Mama and Daddy, and you are the most precious gift God could ever bless us with. Happy 1st birthday Brooklynn Rose, we love you with all of our heart!<333
We've spent the day just making every moment count. With hours spent playing with a plethora of toys and stories on stories on stories from her books, to sweet snuggly naps with her in my arms, I've embraced every moment of today. It has been so heart-warming and happy. I will admit as it neared 3:38 this morning, the exact time she was born, I began to cry. I knew I would miss this year, as it has been the best year of my life. As every moment of her life flashed through my head like a home movie, it brought me back to smiles instead of tears, because even though her first year was complete, the rest of her life is going to be just as amazing, and I look forward to cherishing every bit of the future too. I may have had to repeat the process of "tears to smiles" again when I was organizing her momentos to create a shadow box, and picked up the clothes she wore in the hospital, and the itty bitty beanie still smelled just as sweet as her head did the first time I held her.

I thank God eternally for blessing us with Brooklynn Rose,
I thank my amazing hubby Travis for being the most incredible father and husband this past year, and I can't wait for the rest of our lives.

Happy Birthday Brooklynn Rose,
I love you forever and always.<3