Sunday, January 19, 2014

Let's get the party started; Brooklynn's 1st Birthday!

We celebrated Brooklynn's first birthday this past Sunday evening, and it was

If we're being honest, I started planning my daughter's first birthday way in
advance before we ever even knew we were having a child. Thank
you Pinterest. I know I'm not alone here, where my pinaholics at?Anyway, I had
been collecting ideas and brainstorming on the party for a... while. However, I
did wait to see what matched Miss B's personality before setting anything in
pink to gold ombre glittered stone. There's a bit of foreshadowing for you. The
theme we rocked? You guessed it. Pink to gold ombre with woodland
creatures, and plenty of glitter. Side note: There should always be glitter.
Watch me convince my hubs that our future son's basketball super hero party
requires shine. Anyway, back to this party. The three of us are social
butterflies, and rather enjoy the night time, so we went with a dinner party. This
will be my blog's first mention of the incredible chef talents of Travis. I'm sure to
make you drool wth many more posts in the future. So Travis created a
delicious array of hors d'ouvres for our guests to enjoy, followed by B getting
spoiled with a plethora of presents, and the daintiest of cake smashings.
Every bit of the party was amazing. The decor, food, and presents were
awesome, but the best of it, the part that really mattered was all of the love
surrounding Brooklynn. Our family and closest friends, all in one place, to
celebrate Brooklynn's first birthday. It was incredibly heart warming, and we
made sure to soak it all in. So many magical moments that we get to cherish forever!<3
ps. Don't mind my new headbandbeltaccessory, B refused to wear it. OR that Travis got so busy cooking everything, he didn't have time to change before everyone got there. woops.

Brooklynn was being her normal Mama's girl self, and though not bothered by the crowd, wasn't up for playing pass the baby, thus leaving me empty-handed with pictures of her with each guest. Which if you know me and my serious condition of havingamillionpictures-itus, I was kinda bummed. We did, however, capture a million pictures of her doing everything else. One thing, I'm extra happy that I did was her time capsule. I wanted there to be something uniquely special for her birthday, and this was it. I found the cutest little pink mailbox with adorable gold cards for everyone to stop and write B a little something, whether it be a sweet sentiment, advice, prediction for her future, or even a stick figure drawing. To be sealed up, or read first by Mommy and Daddy to bring on laughter and tears first, then sealed up in her mailbox to be opened by her on her eighteenth birthday. I guess this totally makes up for the missed photos with everyone.
One year stats: 27.75 in. 19lbs. 6 teeth. Loves baths, reading, swimming, giving kisses, and basketball games. I can wave, high five, and point. I am crawling, standing, and cruising. I can say mama, dada, dogdog, baby, and many other sounds. I love to watch the Disney Classic movies, Bubble Guppies, Doc McStuffins, and Baby Einstein. I love listening to music and dancing. I eat everything mama and daddy do, probably more so. My favorite toys are Sophie, Monkey, Lellaphant, Pooh Bear, and anything that lights up or makes noises.
The invitations...
If you're one of those really weird observant people like me, you may have noticed the date on the invite wasn't when we partied. Long story short, the flu got half our guest list, so we rescheduled.
Pink to gold ombre with plenty of glitter and woodland creatures...
I can't even explain the fun I had getting way too giddy artsycraftsy glitter spraying those bad boys. Oh, and check out the AWESOME banner Brooklynn's "Gaga" [my M-I-L] created. THANK YOU!(:
            Now for some grub...
Thank you to my wonderful hubby Travis for being such an awesome chef and making all of these delicious birthday bites. He even incorporated our ombre theme and our healthy lifestyle, especially with the 100% natural, sugar-free, healthy smash cake he made for B.
Unfortunately, hands being occupied as Mama, I missed the op to photograph the awesome dessert Travis made for the adults, just know that it was amazing!(;
And of course, I'll leave you with a few precious moments...
Starting with how pleased she was with the fact that this Radio Flyer was NOT a Mercedes G Wagon, I feel ya kid, I feel ya.
Can we please appreciate her dainty "pick one berry off at a time" approach, hey to each her own definition of "smash" cake...
Thanks for reading! It was definitely a joy filled day that we'll cherish forever.<3
If you have any questions or comments regarding any of it, fire away!(:


  1. Such a pretty party for a pretty little girl! Happy First Birthday to your babe :)

  2. How cute are you guys?! Love your blog, happy first bday!!!!!

    1. Thanks so much! I adore yours, so it means a lot!(: