Monday, January 5, 2015

Twenty-Two & Twenty-Three Months!

Twenty-three months now, but this is a combo post of the past two months, because well this toddler mama has gotten behind on blogging.
We don't go back to the doctor until her second birthday, but I'd say she's a growing girl. She even fits in some brands 2T now, yet also continues to rock some 12mo size stuff too. She's got at least 13 teeth that she loves to brush and her super soft and super blonde hair is starting to grow in really fast with the cutest little ducktail curls in the back.
Fave & Least Fave Foods:
Man, can this girl eat! You've seen post after post of mine, that we only feed her healthy foods and we will continue to do so. She eats anything and everything that's healthy, but to name her tops: seafood, beans, chicken/turkey, berries, hummus, guacamole, greek yogurt, oatmeal, almond butter, (healthy recipe) pancakes, apples, grapes/raisins, sweet potato, carrots, onion (yes, I know, weird), mushrooms, falafel, pork, plums, tomatoes... the list goes on and on. We're also still nursing, but I'm almost positive it's only a comfort thing now, more than for actual hunger.


What's Brooklynn up to?
Wow, what's she not up to?! I'm bummed it took me so long to get caught up on blogging, but luckily I do take note of every little thing she says and does. For starters, I have to reiterate that we have a baby genius. I truly believe what Dr. Suess said, that "children are made readers in the laps of their parents.", so we read upward of twenty books a day. We've always had our story time together, but for months now she even goes in and reads to herself. Book after book, she follows the words with her fingers and does her best to sound out whatever it is, and identifies everything in the pictures as well. I love to peek around the corner of her room and just watch in awe. Her vocabulary grows a few words a day and she's getting better at forming sentences too. For documenting purposes, I love to write out it out, so a here's a list of words that came in the past two months. If only you could hear the precious way she pronounces them... boo-berz (blueberries), sawberz (strawberries), door, boo (blue), geen (green), yayow (yellow), ohnj (orange), white, back (black). puhpuh (purple), pink, red, pot/teetee (potty), poop, toots, and tinky (stinky)... you can thank her Daddy for making her laugh when she toots. Nighnight, ouch, better (and she says this to make sure something is all better/fixed), toes, cheese, oh no and uh oh, dunk (Jungle Book), arella (Cinderella), amaid (Little Mermaid), Elsa, Fozen (Frozen), noman (snowman), bubbles, water, ahgone (all gone), mine, watch, show, touch, sish (fish), owl, fork poon (spoon), pork, bug (which she's now scared of), nake (snake), Jake and Hook, deer, quite, tea, ba-an (banana), abu (apple), ca-et (carrot), wawus (walrus), bag, wing (swing), lide (slide), chips, star, pus (octopus), string, toyuhs (turtles), seepy (sleeping), pum (plum), gapes (grapes), ray-ins (raisins), per-er (caterpillar), open, close, clothes, bed, books, read, truck, moon, sun, dark, lights, tain (train), pows (cows), bu-yee (bully the cow), giraffe, pigs, chicken, tukee (turkey), beans, peas (both peas and please), heh comes (here it comes), coming, uhmon (come on), nowantos (don't want those), pate and bow (plate and bowl), pants, sek and donee (Shrek & Donkey), ahgood (all good), uhgurt (yogurt), eggs, rumrums (mushrooms), push and pull, Pappy, Unkie (Uncle Kieran), Kobby (Aunt Kelby), happooooo (hippo), ehrents (elephants), ryans (lions), straw, tigers, ti-yee (kitty), cat, bunny, wabbit (rabbit), sipes (stripes aka zebras), panda, booger, burger, woah, socks, tuck (stuck), duck, pance and pancess (prince/ss), keys, zair (hair), enair (in there), hi-yen (hiding/she can't find something), uhdoor (stroller), banket (blanket), cuhruhs (colors), si-yed (salad), kwa (quinoa... and I credit her, most adults can't do that one), keez (kiwi), bresesst (breakfast), bucket, soup, pop, Sophie, tay-ee (friend Katy), twinkle, Tenten (friend Trenton), big, shashes (seashells), rocks, ground, raccoon, uhcorn (unicorn), uhmen (melon), yeg (leg), arm, dapuh (diaper), dottens (Doc McStuffins), dragon, Mammy (Lambie; her first toy that she's clinged too), Rose, I no want, no more, Sakawz (Santa Clause), Chrimas (Christmas), frog, hap (help), hurt, noise, phone, tracket (chapstick), box, enough, off, on, up, down, stairs, fan, fiyugs (fireworks), fows (flowers), pretty, yessss, yay, dance, hug, kiss, nosies, and my two favorites; Dada changed to Daddy and she says her own name as "Booogkeeeen", she says it so proudly and it's adorable. Colors, shapes, animals and their noises, anatomy and names for all her family members? You bet, she's perfected them all. If you ask her where a letter is, she'll point to it, though she's not saying them yet. She will also count up to ten by pointing with her finger and says "one, two, one, two". In the past couple months, she's gotten really good at figuring out how things work, we love that little engineer part of her brain... You know, when it's not learning how to unlock the back door or getting into my purse and hiding my keys under some stuffed animals in her room, of course. haha. We think she learns so much, because of how eager she is to do so, her curiosity and our desire to teach her is truly showing in our smart girl. B truly is a sweetheart and very well-behaved. She is a toddler though, so she does have her moments... and when she's doing something she's not supposed to she certainly knows, because she hides to do it and gives me the biggest mischievous smirk when I catch her. Discipline seems to be Daddy's job at this point, because she usually thinks I'm kidding when I say no, and drops what she's doing when he says it, even though I swear he says it as sweet as can be. She loves to watch movies in her swing, and sometimes will sit through the whole thing and other times asks me to switch the movie to something else, and the pattern continues five minutes per movie, until I say no more. She's definitely my big helper; she loves to feed and walk the dog, and insists to hold the leash. She pseudo helps me with laundry; putting things in washer and dryer, and ya know, throwing socks and knocking over piles when I'm folding. Most of all, she's a precious love bug that loves to cuddle, give hugs, kisses, and nosies. Coloring, reading, bath time, puzzles, cuddles, basketball games, and dancing are just a few of her favorite activities.
Brooklynn Rose,
Woah, as I typed this I relived all of the adorable moments you've had and seen how much you've grown. We are so filled with pride, because you're truly perfect. We're the luckiest parents in the world to call you our daughter. We can't believe you're going to be two in less than a month! Each and every moment leading to it has been the most joy filled and happy time of our life. We can't wait to see all that life will bring us with you, we just know it'll be incredible. You're the best blessing to ever happen to us and we just want you to know how magical the last two years have been and much we look forward to forevermore with you. We love you sweet bear.<3

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