Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bounce with me?

Happy Hump Day to you all!

What better day to give you a good booty workout? In this video I'm using the quad extension & curl machine, but not in it's normal fashion. GASP! You can totally be creative (carefully), and innovative with your exercise. It's a fantastic way to keep your body guessing with a variety of new sets, as well as keep you from the boredom of mundane routines.
Everyone is at different fitness levels. I personally did 4 sets of this with 8 reps in each, with the weight at 150lbs. However, since this is something different, I recommend trying it at a super light weight, just until you get the hang of the motion and how to get yourself in and out of this position. Once you're comfortable, slowly increase your weight until it's tough, but not impossible. They say if you can do 15 of something with ease, it's too light.
As for how to get in this funky position:
Start by selecting weight, then stand straight behind roller with it lining up around your shins (height variance may differ), use the bar handle and some leg strength to pull it up high enough to get your legs under it a ninety degree angle. The foam roll should rest on your quads, not falling off your knee, but not too close to your hips either. Once your legs are properly positioned, slide your torso down until your upper back and shoulders are resting on the seat. I place my arms behind my head, with my elbows out, as you would in a traditional sit-up, but I think you can find what works best for you, with out letting your arms do any of the work. As for getting out of it, slowly and carefully, grab the handle to pick up the weight and slide yourself back into a standing position, and gently let the roller slide down your legs, but don't allow all of the weight of it to press into your knees and lock them in.
Once there, dip your booty, as you would in booty bridges and then squeeze your glutes to push back up to a ninety degree angle with your legs. Make sure your legs are evenly spaced hip width apart, that your feet face forward, and your knees don't extend over toes.
And yeah, you caught me; I listen to old school hip-hop and rap... or Britney when I do my booty work!(;
Hope you enjoy, and would love to hear how it goes when you're super sore the next day and growing that Beyoncé booty!(:
***DISCLAIMER!: PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH ANY WORK OUT! Whether it be what the machine is intended for, or trying something different. I am not responsible for any injury acquired while doing a workout I've posted!***

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