Wednesday, April 23, 2014


First and foremost, we woke up forgiven, which is what it's truly about. Jesus beared the cross for us, so we could live and be forgiven. And that, is what matters most. So thank you Lord, for giving your life for us, for your forgiveness, and for this beautiful life you've blessed us with.

We started our day with some bunny pancakes, because well obviously. After which, we got dolled up in our Sunday's finest, and headed out the door to Starbucks church. Okay, I admit there was a coffee stop beforehand, but I firmly believe Jesus would have loved espresso. I mean, I think my caramel macchiatos are pretty heavenly. 

We (Brooklynn and I; Travis was out of town until that afternoon) met my father-in-law, step-mom-in-law, sister-in-law, and two little half-sisters-in-law, (but we just call them Jeff, Stacy, Kelby, Olivia, and Vivian) at church. It was a great service, and though we spent a majority of it quietly being entertained by Brooklynn making friends (passing her Peter Rabbit and offering envelope to the people behind us, and waving to all.) She was quiet though, and we still took away from the sermon nonetheless. Without The Lord and his sacrifice, we wouldn't be here. There would be no life. There would be no point. But because of Him and his love, we get to live. Beautiful lives at that, and even when there are trials and tribulations, nothing is hopeless. He was resurrected, he did the "impossible", and for that nothing is impossible and there is always hope. We are forgiven, by His grace. A specific part of church that filled me with overwhelming love and joy, was the worship. I held Brooklynn, as we stood and sang, and I felt so close to God. She buried her head in my neck, and we swayed together, and I was (and always am) so grateful for The Lord forgiving me, entrusting me, enough to bless me with our incredible daughter. Despite my sins, He had given me the most precious gift. It was an emotional, but such a joyous experience. 

After church we went to brunch at the country club. My two little sisters had a ball in the egg hunt, I can't wait for next year when B can participate. Oh to see her chunky little thighs waddle after some treats (that I won't let her eat, because I'm the meanest mom ever, and want her healthy.(; Don't worry, I'll have a back up stash with things I approve.) There was a petting zoo as well, which I would have loved to let Brooklynn play at, but she slept through the duration of their time there, and I wasn't going to wake a sleeping baby... Even for a precious photo op. I did manage to get a snap of this beauty though...

She did wake up in time to get a picture with the Easter Bunny. Okay, let's be honest no kids are reading this so... What. Even. With this bunny? Every other child was terrified by him, but not our brave girl. Personally, I think he looked like something from an eighties music video. It very well could have been this guy hopping around in place of the cat/tiger in Billie Jean, am I right? Anyway. She liked him, so yay for not having a kiddo afraid of characters.(: haha. 

Following brunch, we (Brooklynn, Kelby, and I) headed over to Grandma Louise's (step-grandma-in-law on hubby's mom's side) for Easter dinner. Travis had landed right before and was able to meet us there. The kids (little-half-brother-in-law and cousins) enjoyed an egg hunt in the backyard and even shared their empty  eggs with Brooklynn. B got a bunch of sweet goodies in her basket; books, a puzzle, baby wash & lotion, raisins, stuffed bunnies, and a Peter Rabbit-in-the-box. She loved it all and had a blast watching and playing with the big kids. 

At Louise's, all of the adults get their own basket too. She is so incredibly kind, and pays attention and remembers the details of what everyone likes. My first Easter as part of the family, she didn't know me as well and got me a basket full of typical Easter candy (which isn't something I enjoy, but of course I didn't say anything, and was very thankful nonetheless). Well, she noticed I was giving my candy to my little brother and asked "You don't like candy? Tell me what you want in your basket each year! Please, I want to get you what you like!" I didn't want to seem particular and said what she had done was great, but she insisted. So finally, we discussed that I like almonds, dark chocolate, and tea... This was my basket this year. 

She does this for everyone in the family; picks out the things they love and remembers down to every last detail, pretty spry for eighty-three. I just had to share, because I'm utterly impressed with the thoughtfulness she has for all of us. Thank you Grandma Louise!

The day was filled with family, food, love, and joy, all thank you to our amazing God!<333 We hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!

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