Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Basket

Oh jumping jelly beans (though you won't find any in this basket) I'm so joyous and excited for Easter!

Brooklynn is fifteen months old and this will be her second Easter. I couldn't contain my excitement to build her Easter basket, so I got started at the end of  February a little early.(; So, being that she is fifteen months and not quite walking yet (we're hoping the starts hopping for the Easter egg hunts!), there weren't a lot of things marketed towards her; she's not quite ready for chalk or bubbles, but she's past the bunny rattles and duck teethers too. We also haven't allowed her to have sugar or really any junk, so filling it with candy was out of the question! So I had to think outside the basket, errr box, you know what I mean. Also, something I've learned about myself from motherhood, (believe me the list is a thousand pages long) is that I enjoy stuffed animals that are a little less typical, or if they're going to be your everyday teddy bears and bunnies, that they have some sort of unique flair to them. No offense to the more common ones, we still love them, I just look for original fellas when shopping for B. So here it is, a breakdown of the goodies for our sweet girl...

"Tickle, Tickle, Peter" book:
Brooklynn loves touch and feel books, and who doesn't love good ole Peter Rabbit?

Sparkling Baton:
Because I may or may not have played with it for a few fascinating minutes in the store, Brooklynn loves all things glittery and colorful. Bonus: it gives her something else to play the drums on things with.(;

Duckling Plate:
Because you've got to have festive dishes for all of the Easter yummies to come. 

Bunny Cup:
And the plate wouldn't be complete, without this adorable bunny to drink from. 

"Bunnies" book:
Because I couldn't pass up "a Golden Book" book, my childhood nostalgia made me do it, that and the adorable guy on the front. 

Light Up Ball:
She picked this one out herself while were shopping. She kept pointing at it saying "ba" "ba", and well it's perfectly pink/purple and cute, how could I not? Thank you Target dollar spot.

"Turtles Take Their Time" book & "Follow That Bee" book:
While shopping for her Valentine's presents, I discovered these sweet little books, yet again a win for the Target dollar spot. They seemed like a perfect spring time fit. 

Bunny Socks:
I mean, obviously! She also happened to get a pair last year, so I'm thinking tradition! 

"Peekawho" book:
Because she loves flip books just as much as touch and feel. The characters in it are just too stinking cute too!

Pastel Dinosaur & Speckled Unicorn:
These would be the previously mentioned "not so typical" stuffed toys. I mean everyone expects a stuffed bunny at Easter, just trying to keep her on her itty bitty toes. Plus, I think I managed to get enough bunny action in there with the other stuff. And, if that's not enough, check out how incredibly adorable and Easter colored they are! Don't worry, she'll still know it's the Easter Bunny that brings the treats, not like a zebra or anything.

Well there you have it. I certainly enjoyed creating it for her and can't wait to see her hoppy, I mean happy face light up at all her new treasure!(:

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