Sunday, March 30, 2014

Nature Box: Part Two

Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Our second Nature Box has arrived. This is exciting stuff people, once you've signed up (because you're obviously going to, duh!) you too can feel the same anticipation and excitement when your treasure chest arrives.(:
Everything Bagel Stix:
So if you're a normal human being like me, you could scarf down an "Everything Bagel" from Einstein's with a cream cheese smeared grin on your face. Well, unfortunately bagels and cream cheese don't fit into my clean eating habits, but these guys do the trick. They have all the same flavors as the bagel, with no guilt attached. Obviously, they'd be fantastic dipped in cream cheese... I'm still on the hunt for some guiltless YET tasty variety of that though. Points for the first person to direct me to it. Until then, they are awesome on their own.
Seaweed Pops:
These were a must on hubby's list when creating the box, and he loves them! I dig them too. We both appreciate umami flavors, and if you know what that word means, you'll be a fan of these.
Mango Almond Bites:
So mango is my favorite fruit and almonds are my favorite nut, this was an obvious pick. They are DELICIOUS! They're like little rice cake bites with chewy mango and almond nestled into them. Brooklynn also gives her baby thumbs up to these.(:
Dark Cocoa Almonds:
So if you read my previous Nature Box Post why wouldn't you have read it?, you may have noticed we got these last time. They somehow made it back for the second round... What can I say this mama withdrawals for dark chocolate and these give me fix.(;
Bombay Curry Cashews:
These were another must on Travis' list, and man am I glad they were. Poor guy, I hope he gets some before I devour them. So, I do admit I'm not a fan of cashews and pick them out, more for him right? However, the rest of this mix is amazing, as I love curry flavor... and almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and dried fruit. They appear savory, well they are, but they can also oddly satisfy a sweet tooth... and inspire the decision to get Indian for dinner. YUM!(:

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