Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I hope everyone had a blessed Easter! I know we felt incredible gratitude to wake up forgiven and to spend our day with loved ones for our Lord Jesus. Spent the morning with God and then joined my parents for a delicious breakfast at a favorite restaurant of ours. Afterward, we had to move our egg hunt indoors, due to the rain. It all worked out though, because for B's first hunt she was a pro and found every single one and had so much fun opening them "WOW! Green duck!" or "Ohhh booful (beautiful) blue bunny!". It's so precious to see the holidays through your child's eyes.
We relaxed for the afternoon and made some fun snacks and crafts, as well as reading lots of spring time books. That night we enjoyed dinner at my step-dad-in-law's mom's (say that ten times fast) house. B got to do another egg hunt and scored big with eggs filled with $2 bills and quarters. It was definitely a very hoppy day!
If you know me, you know I love making fun and festive foods for the holidays... Okay, who am I kidding, I like making them all the time. On top of that, I always like to keep it healthy in our home. So, below are some of the fun and nutritious Easter treats I made for our tot this year. As well as the goodies to fill an entire Easter basket and eggs without candy. I hope this sparks some fun ideas for next year for your kiddos, or even just fun ideas for any day. I'm pretty any toddler will accept bunny pancakes 365 days a year. So for breakfast on Saturday (because we were going out to eat on Sunday), I made these healthy bunny pancakes which B thought was the greatest thing ever. "It's bunny mama, it's his ears. I yike it, it's yummy!" Then on Sunday afternoon she had some fruit filled eggs... no candy for my healthy baby bunny.
 I filled her hidden eggs with the most adorable individual Easter themed stickers (thank you Target, yet again!) So grateful not to have spent Saturday night cutting out individual ones, which was my original plan until I found these gems.
I I mean, the Easter Bunny filled her basket with plenty of goodies too! She received many other baskets from family too, all with arts & crafts, stuffed bunnies, baby lotion, and not a sweet in sight. They all know this crazy Mama Bear means healthy business.(;

B's dress & hat: Gymboree // Sandals: Target

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