Thursday, February 27, 2014

That's my final answer (on herbaLIES post)

This will be my end all of comments. Quite frankly I'm exhausted of repeating myself and I'm not going to get into petty arguments over the Internet; I have far too much life to enjoy. So here's my reply each of the various remarks...

Most of the negative replies imply you didn't fully read or understand what I meant. Perhaps you got caught up one part you wanted to argue, thus not actually 'hearing' all of what I had to say. So, please feel free to re-read it with an open mind and see if that helps. A few of you have said it's not what I said, it's how I said it type thing. Well, I do admit that I have a snarky comical flare to my writing. I'm truly a very kind person, but my sense of humor is sarcastic. I wasn't outright calling anyone who is a part of this company stupid, though some of you interpreted it that way, and for that I'm sorry. Most are actually just unaware, I was simply trying to make you aware.

Many of you want citations  in order to give me any credibility. I did disclaim that I don't hold a degree or license in the fields of medicine, nutrition, and such. I never claimed to be any of those things, so erase your remarks about that. When I was doing my research on the subject, it wasn't an experiment. I didn't go gather intel for the purpose of "bashing" them. At one point, I thought it sounded great, but I am someone who investigates a little deeper so that I have a full understanding of something before hopping on board. Yes, I admit it; the stuff sounded wonderful and I've even tasted some samples; undeniably delicious. However, my gut instinct told me to dig deeper. So I asked my doctor about it, and was given the exact advice I've given here; eat right and exercise, these products may quicken that process but they're not doing me favors and explained the harm in these things. I also talked to my child's pediatrician, as I wanted to know what affects taking ANY supplements could have while breastfeeding, I was also discouraged to use the products there. I talked to personal friends and acquaintances that are registered and licensed nutritionists, dietitians, personal trainers, doctors of sports medicine, sports trainers for professional athetes; and came to the consensus that this stuff isn't good. So to cite them? I can't, or won't. It's not information I got from a book or website that I could easily link you to, though there are beyond several that back me up. I also refuse to provide their names, as you don't need to know my personal healthcare or friends, I also won't put them up for the same bitter backlash that I've been given. So to get my point across, I started my research on it, while interested in it. Once I educated myself on it is when I decided against it.

No, I'm not a scientist and didn't major in it. I do, however, know how to read a nutrition label and figure out what each things is. There are many current writings that express how Herbalife can't prove their scientific back up. I'm not fully educated on the subject, so I won't delve into it. Just don't ask me for mine, when the company you're defending can't prove theirs.

For those of you who have an understanding of business, marketing, and finance and seem to think I don't. I'm more educated on the subjects than you know, but I'm not going to get into a (pardon me) pissing contest over experience, assets, finances and the like. Your arguments are that the government approves the company, that the government shuts things down if they are illegal and monitors these things closely, that the company is approved not only in the US, but many other countries, and you say it's not a pyramid because they don't profit off of the recruitees below them. Okay, yes. You are in fact right. I'm well aware that a company of such volume has to be approved, is monitored, and could be shut down if discovered there is illegitimacy. I will contradict with the fact that not everyone gets caught right away; people smart enough to create such a large industry, are smart enough to cover their tracks too. There have been several major businesses who do later crumble when exposed. There have been several government officials that have crumbled in the same manner. Not everybody is on the up and up about our world, unfortunately. As for standards from other countries, well, there regulations and laws are different. If you're trying to sell me on the size of the company, it's popularity, and amount of money it makes, my response is... tobacco. (I don't want to get into a heated debate about that either, sorry smokers!) I'm just saying there's a prime example of a trillion dollar industry that is (unfortunately) very popular AND legal, yet horrible for you with proof it is unhealthy and can kill you, it is still allowed. So drop the "it's approved thing." A lot of awful things are.

My reason for calling it a pyramid scheme comes from the exact descriptions I was given BY YOUR OWN PERSONNEL. Or life coaches or whatever you call them. The booths are everywhere, I've listened to a few dozen different pitches. All of them explained, in different wording, but equal naivety, that I could make money off of selling the products AND the essential "buy in" from each person I recruit, and so on down the ladder. By some I was told I could also buy my way up, by paying more money to have a higher title. Explain to me what that is then, for the experts. Are these Herbalife "coaches" misleading me? Is the company in fact not a scheme? Perhaps! If that's the case, then several of your people are misguided and giving out false information. Maybe if they provided more training/education or a more thorough "hiring/recruiting/whathaveyou" process they could weed out people who aren't doing the company justice. It seems they'll allow anyone to do their work though. So you pick Herbalife. Are you a scam or do you allow anyone and everyone to sell for you thus giving out inconsistent and false information? Either way, it's not right and something should be done. You can follow the Ackman case if you want more legal verbiage and opinions from a much bigger opinion and case than I. And to clarify, no I'm not "in his camp". I became aware of his issue with the company long after I had established my own.

Which brings me to the point of my issue with it. Many of you are saying I must have had bad results with it or failed at some other MLM deal. I haven't had either, seeing as I've educated myself before diving into anything in life. So, no, besides the samples of "blueberry muffin smoothie" and "burn a hundred calorie tea" I was offered during sales pitches, I have not used the products. I've also never joined, invested in, etc to any company and failed. Anything I've put my time and money into has been very rewarding. None of which, were those types of business. Then there are you with the opposite insult, saying I'm knocking it without trying it. Yes, yes I am. I never said it didn't work, if you actually read it though, I agreed it can help with desired goals. I just added that it wasn't a healthy way to go about it. I can tell you that doing heroine is bad without having done it myself, and so on.

For those of you who've said that you do or they do encourage healthy eating and exercise, well good for those who do. I've been told, again, by your own kind, that by taking these products, I don't need to lift a finger, and I'll quote "My dad works a 9-5, and doesn't workout at all. He drinks this tea that burns a hundred calories by the glass all day at his office job, and he's lost seventeen pounds in two weeks!" I think we can all agree that is a comment to vomit over. This HL distributor even said the tea is the only product his dad uses, he doesn't even do the shakes, meals, etc. So tell me HL experts? Can your tea alone, in fact do this? If so, please provide your scientific backing, be sure to legitimately cite it, as you've all requested of me. Oh, right. So it doesn't  in fact work like that? Then again, YOUR OWN PEOPLE, are misleading, and in this case straight lying with their "personal testimony" to the public about your products. You pick herbalife, you pick. Other HLs (Herbalifers for short now, k?) have also said they've been able to skip the gym way more just by using the products. Again, no encouragement to exercise. I admit, I do know a couple HLs that are also gym rats, but were long before HL and used different supplements then. For the majority though, I'm told the products can take the place of exercise. I have not seen the promotion for it. Also, saying it promotes health eating brings me back to exactly what I blogged, which I'm not going to explain again, but end with eat a balanced diet of real foods; proteins from fish, chicken, meat, nuts, quinoa, Greek yoghurt. Eat complex carbs; steel cut oats and sweet potatoes. Eat fruits and veggies for other carbs and healthy forms of sugar. Get plenty of essential good fats from things like salmon, walnuts, and avocados. You can supply yourself with all of the nutrients it takes to have a healthy fit body without every touching a chemical or supplement products. You're encouraging the product with the food, not saying food can do it alone, which it can. So even if you're providing a dish full of kale and salmon, but you're also telling them they need to take such and such with it. When in fact, they don't. My scientific backing of that is that I lost 53lbs, traded plenty of body fat for muscle, in six months without any of those products.

For those who are just writing down right insulting and moronic statements, well you're not worth my time. Just know you look void of any intelligence and ability to maturely be part of an intellectual debate. I doubt this paragraph even made sense to you.

For those inquiring about other brands or companies, I can't speak on behalf of any of those, because I haven't educated myself on them, yet. With anything, I'd say consult your doctor before taking it. If it feels all to familiarly set up like this brand, well... you go with your gut. Remember to check ingredients, know what they really mean, and decide if that's something you want in your body.

For all of the POSITIVE feedback, THANK YOU! I appreciate the support from all of you. Whether you agreed, and know a ton about the topic or even if you knew nothing, but now understand and agree with me. I appreciate all of the encouragement and support so much! For all of those who've commented and especially all of the messages asking for my help with diet and exercise, thank you! It means a lot that you want my help and I take it as a huge compliment. I want to individually and whole heartedly respond to each of you and your needs, and I promise I will. I just ask you have patience with me, as I want my responses to be genuine and helpful to YOU, and not just some thrown together generic response. As the mama of a toddler and our busy lifestyle, my hands are often very full. So I just ask for patience as I take the time to get back to you, but I promise I will. In the interim, continue to educate yourself on your health and fitness, and do your best! Props to all for making real healthy choices for their body.

The reason I posted this was to help. Regardless, of what you think my intentions were, I'm trying to provide truth and helpful advice to those who will listen. I know that no matter what I say, there's always going to be someone that disagrees, and I'm fine with that. I think I've made it clear I'm not afraid to stand my ground and speak my mind. However, this post was not intended to anger or hurt anyone, though I did expect the backlash from some. My true intentions were to help. Throughout the process of me getting my body into fit and healthy shape after having my daughter, I've sparked interest in a lot of people. I'd post healthy recipes or progress photos of myself, motivational quotes, and gym related pictures. The responses were overwhelmingly kind. So many told me how I inspire and motivate them to be their best self. That brings me so much joy! Inquiries upon inquires of what I did to achieve what I have, flooded in, and I have personally responded with advice to all of them, all thanking me and most telling me how great it is working for them. Not everyone committed themselves, but the ones that have are seeing results. This came simply from my advice and encouragement. Which is why I wrote this blog post. For those same people who've looked up to my fitness and health, I wanted them to be aware and not take this route. I made no personal gain, other than knowing I'm helping others to achieve a healthy body the right away and the satisfaction that is helping others. That's how I can "back up" my intentions. I wasn't paid to write this, I don't work for a competitor and wasn't trying to put down one to make something else look better, I am obviously not compensated for promoting real food and exercise; seeing as I am not offering personal training or meal plans for a price. The natural food I refer to comes from the Earth, while God supports me, He didn't send me a paycheck for saying "Eat your veggies!" (ps. Let's not have any religious comments.) So again, I had true intentions to help those who've been following me. I figured that those who I personally know and had interest would read it and maybe share with some of their circles. I never anticipated that it would be seen globally, with over 325,000 views. I'm sure glad it has though, because I've spread awareness much further than I had even hoped.

Despite the backlash, I'm still glad I posted this. I'm proud of what it's accomplishing and of myself for solidly standing my ground.

So this is my final retort, as I believe it has covered all of the replies. Any positive people, feel free to continue, the rest will be ignored. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. So if you don't like, believe, support what I've said; that's fine. You are just as entitled to live your life freely, as am I. I am not forcing you to read my blog, nor am I forcing you to make or not make any other choices in your life. So go on with yours, but for those who've opinions I've changed and helped, this is why I wrote this. For you.

To all, make it a great day!(:


  1. I read your original post the day after you posted it because a friend shared it over facebook. I loved it from the start. It's all so accurate, and you were pretty darn clear about your points! People are just taken back by someone who is actually writing about controversial issues. More power to you for posting your opinions, and sticking to them! There are quite a few bloggers I know who would have either deleted that post or came back and apologized!

  2. I started using Herbalife last year, but I have recently decided to stop using it. I feel stupid for using it in the first place! But like most people, I was looking for a quick fix, and I got sucked into it! I've been researching herbalife for a while now, and I don't like what I've found. The ingredients (many of which I can't pronounce and have absolutely no idea what they are) are just toxins, which I no longer wish to put in my body.
    Herbalife goes on about its nutritionists, and how they are on hand to help you. How do you your not just emailing for phoning someone who is sat at home and reading from a script?! And the distributors aren't trained in nutrition or healthy eating in general. They're just unqualified, everyday people. My distributor wasn't a nutritionist, dietician, fitness trainer or anything to do with the health industry.

  3. Sorry for the double post, my iPad is acting up! I've stopped using herbalife now, mainly because I don't like the fact that it's full of ingredients that I've no idea what they are. I've never been unhealthy (apart from maybe in early twenties), I don't drink alcohol, I don't eat processed foods, but I've always been unsure of what to eat and when. That's why I was so attracted to herbalife. But over the last year I've gathered information on different food groups and nutrition, so hopefully I'll do ok! I workout 4-6 times a week, so I need to eat right too to get results I'm after. I'm doing well so far :)
    I'd like to thank you posting about herbalife. I've read many posts about it and most are bad! Although I do enjoy reading the comments that are clearly from people who sell herbalife, and have no idea what they're talking about! If herbalife was so good for you, then why isn't it advertised more publicly? I plan on sending my old distributor you first HerbaLies blog, I'm interested in what they have to say.
    But now I'm looking forward to a diet that is created by me, not a company out to make millions!

  4. Would you mind sharing your diet. I would highly appreciated it. I've been eating healthy and exercising with little results. Thanks in advance