Wednesday, February 19, 2014

our day at the park.

This past Sunday was the first day of gorgeous weather, after what seems to have been a long and freezing winter. So we seized the opportunity to take Brooklynn to the park. It was her first time on the slide and swings, she had an absolute blast! I think Travis and I had even more fun just watching in awe at the pure joy exuding from her. There's nothing quite like the squeals of happiness from your babe and watching their fascination as they take in new surroundings. With the sweet breezes blowing through our hair and sunshine warming our skin, we breathed in the fresh air of the upcoming spring and enjoyed our beautiful day at the park.(:

The slide was kind of take it or leave it to her, probably wasn't much of a ride seeing as our legs were the length of it. She'll grown into it soon enough. The swings though, oh the wonderful swings!

"This is so much fun Daddy!"
Perhaps I'm biased, but I can't look at these without smiling ear to ear!(:

peek-a-boo belly button.(: 
"Woooooah wooooooah wooooah!" 

Not sure where this tongue thing came from, but I think it means she's having a blast!(:

"Bye bye park, be back soon!"<3

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